Fast Track Your Fatloss with The Metabolic Typing Diet

If you're tired of sticking to your healthy eating plan and not losing fat then you may want to try the metabolic typing diet.

Many people can burn fat and lose weight by cutting back on calories and making healthy food choices but for some people it's not that easy.

If you're one of these people then you already know how frustrating this can be.

The video below explains why this happens and why you need to customize your healthy eating plan to your unique needs for better fatloss results.

Why A Healthy Eating Plan Doesn't Always Work

One problem that many personal trainers encounter on a daily basis is the client with the perfect food journal that still can't lose fat.This client eats super healthy and works hard in the gym but they still have issues with fatloss, weightloss, lean muscle, and with energy levels.

The video here by Dr. Mercola, on of my favorite health experts, explains why people struggle to lose fat and how customizing your diet to your metabolic type can make a huge difference.

How The Metabolic Typing Diet Helps You Burn Fat Fast

Now that you understand why you're healthy diet is getting you nowhere go grab a copy of the The Metabolic Typing Diet and take the metabolic typing test to find out what works best for your body type.

The test takes less than an hour and is super easy. It helps you figure out if you're a carb type, protein type, or mixed type and then provides food lists and menus and additional trouble shooting mini quizzes to help you find the "right fuel mix" for your type.

This is the best diet book for anybody who is sticking to the plan and not getting results. It can make a huge difference in under a week. Watch the videos below for more info.