High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training also known as interval training, cardio intervals, fat burning cardio intervals, or HIIT for short, is a form of cardio typically used to improve endurance and increase fatloss.

It’s used by some of the top fatloss workout plans out there including Turbulence Training, Body for Life, Beach Body and many others.

Below are just a few of the reasons why interval training is so popular, tips to get started, and tons of free workouts to get you started.

High Intensity Interval Training Benefits & Pitfalls

Notice how all the workout plans listed above focus on total body transformation a term that simply means losing fat while simultaneously putting on lean muscle mass to boost metabolism and get that lean toned look. If this is your goal then HIIT is ideal for you and here’s why:

1. Keeps you in an anabolic state (that’s fancy trainer terminology for) keeps you from losing hard earned lean muscle especially if you’re cutting back on calories or carbs.

2. According to studies can burns 9 times more fat than traditional cardio in less time.

3. Saves time so you can focus on strength workouts that build lean muscle and re-shape your body.

4. Is less time consuming and for many this is easier to stick to long term.

5. Quickly increases your VO2 max, the max amount of oxygen you can uptake during exercise, which means your endurance will improve much faster.

High Intensity Interval Training Styles & Workouts

There are so many ways to incorporate interval training into your weekly workouts which is great because it keeps exercise from getting boring.

If you're not sure how to get started, try the two free workouts below or watch the interval workout video for more ideas.

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Here is a simple and versatile interval cardio workout for beginners to intermediates. It’s 14 minutes long.


4 minute walk at a moderate pace


30 seconds jumping jacks followed by

60 seconds of bodyweight squats or lunges (you can sub walking and jogging if you prefer)

Repeat 4 times


4 minute walk at a moderate pace

Here is a simple but challenging interval cardio workout for intermediates to advanced. It’s about 19 minutes long.


5 minute moderate pace walk


20 seconds of sumo chop burpees followed by

10 seconds walking in place followed by

20 seconds of jumping jacks followed by

10 seconds walking in place

Repeat 4 times


10 minute moderate pace walk or run

High Intensity Interval Training Pitfalls

The only real pitfall with HIIT is that some people get too dependent on it. As with any type of exercise (cardio, yoga, or strength) your body needs variety so it’s important to mix in long duration cardio or endurance cardio from time to time to keep your body from landing on a fatloss or fitness plateau.

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