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Burn More Fat with The Tabata Protocol

Adding the Tabata protocol is a great way to increase your calorie burn, boost fatloss, and get better results from your cardio and total body fatloss workouts.

There are many ways you can incorporate this method of high intensity interval training. You can do it on cardio machines, while running or cycling, with bodyweight exercises, and also with power lifting moves.

The key is in the timing. You work for 20 seconds then recover for 10 seconds and you repeat that for 8 rounds. The entire protocol is 4 minutes long and was invented by a Japanese scientist Dr. Tabata. It's not a 4 minute workout (as many videos claim). It's simply 4 minutes of intervals that you can add to any workout but it can also be used as a quick workout.

Watch the videos below to see all the great ways you can incorporate it into your fat burning workouts.

Tabata Protocol using Bodyweight Cardio Exercises

In this video BJ Gadour of Workout Muse explains exactly how to do Tabatas with bodyweight exercises.

This is great for those looking to get a quick cardio workout at home with very little equipment.

This is a favorite with my bootcamp clients. They love the constant action with very little rest because it boosts endurance and feel good endorphins.

Just don't make the mistake of thinking you can get away with 4 minutes of cardio a few times a week. Use this as a short workout but also with longer cardio workouts to really burn fat.

Get started with my killer Tabata Interval Workouts or learn more about why ALL the best fatloss experts prefer timed intervals for fatloss.

The Tabata Protocol with Full Body Exercises

This looks easy but it's not! When you are working with a moderate to heavy weight and you only get 10 seconds of rest your heart rate goes way up and your body has to work hard to adapt to the constant demand.

This is my favorite way to blast serious fat when I need to get very lean. The best way to incorporate this type of Tabata interval is to pick a multi-joint exercise in one of your workouts and do it Tabata style.

One of my top picks for fatloss is the one arm snatch as shown by my favorite Aussie trainer Daniel Munday.

Stay focused and burn more fat during tabata interval workouts with the Gymboss Interval Timer.

The Tabata Protocol using Cardio Machines

Finally here is a killer circuit workout using the Tabata Protocol.

It includes cardio and strength training and is great for those who like to mix it up or those who love quick and effective combination workouts.

This is very challenging and a great way to burn tons of calories in very little time.

It's also a great way to keep your workout fun and interesting.