tabata fatloss workout

by Monica

"Yesterday, my tabata workout was 8 sets of high knee jump rope; then 8 sets of jump squats; then 8 sets of burpees; then 8 sets of 1 jump forward, 2 small jumps back. I was breathing heavy! It’s all over in 20-25 minutes, but you work hard for those minutes!

Tabata is my favorite fatloss workout right now. Tabata is 20 seconds of high intensity work, then 10 seconds of rest, then repeat for 8 sets then move onto a new set for the same process for a total of 20-25 minutes" explains Stephanie Terry of

This 42 year old mother of 4 is a former runner turned figure competitor and she looks great. You can visit her site to check out her pics or try the awesome track and stadium workout she has featured in her tips section. I love this type of workout!

Stephanie recently shared this workout and tons of killer fatloss tips with me in an interview. You'll be surprised when you find out what she has to say about losing fat. I'll be posting her interview very soon.

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tabata fatloss workout

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Cardio Toning Tabata Workout
by: Monica

Here's my favorite way to use the tabata protocol. I pick 4 fun exercises and combine them into a cardio toning circuit workout that I repeat 4 times. That's 8 min. of tabatas then I finish up with 10 min. of additional cardio like jump rope, dancing, or walking to the park.

Cardio Toning Tabata Workout Instructions:

lateral resisted hops 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest
modified dive bombers 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest
medicine ball slams 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest
jumping jacks 20 sec. work 10 sec. rest

Go from one exercise to the next with only 10 sec. transition between exercises and repeat for 4 total rounds (8 min. workout)

After your tabatas rest 1 min. then continue with 10 min. of your favorite cardio activity and finish up with 1 min. in a yoga pose or stretch that feels good. The entire workout takes 20 min.

tabata rocks
by: Ben

Here's my favorite way to use the tabata, fore exaple i do 5 exercise start boxing, push-up, boxing, squat, boxing, pull-up, boxing, burpees.
Do 5 rounds with a different exercises repeated

many tabata options
by: Monica

Thanks for sharing Ben. So many ways to do tabatas. My entire tacfit workout was nothing but tabata protocols and that was definitely more challenging for a while but as always the body adapts and you have to find new ways to do tabatas so I'll definitely give your routine a try : )

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