Calories Burned During Exercise

One of my biggest issues with personal training is clients who obsess about calories burned during exercise but constantly guzzle down high calorie foods and drinks (alcohol included).

The truth is that no amount of working out will matter if you don't fix your eating habits. Below Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training sets out to find out if an intense kettlebell workout can burn the junk food calories that most people eat on a weekly basis.

Calories Burned During Exercise: Starbucks vs. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are incredibly challenging even for really fit people and they burn tons of calories especially when combined into a 30 minute fat blasting circuit.

A 30 minute circuit workout that includes kettlebell swings can burn tons of calories (depending on how hard you workout) but that doesn't even come close to burning the calories in a typical starbucks drink plus pastry.

Brad Pilon, author of the super popular intermittent fasting plan Eat Stop Eat, guzzled down well over a thousand calories of starbucks food just to prove this point. He said he was o.k. doing it then 30 minutes later he felt seriously ill.

If you plan to burn fat be sure to stay away from high calorie food and fake health foods (more on that below) otherwise you undo the calories burned during exercise.

Calories Burned During Exercise: Mini Protein Bar vs. Treadmill Speed Walking

Here's a perfect example of how most people do cardio (hey I used to do this too, about 15 years ago). They jump on the treadmill and flip through a magazine for 30-40 minutes then follow it up with a "mini" protein bar or a big jug of gatorade and then wonder why they can't lose weight or bodyfat.

Here's a few tips that Craig didn't mention in his mini workout: 1. Eat real food, it's better for weightloss and fatloss than fake health food (bars included). 2. Eat 4-6 small portions of real food throughout the day (small means small). 3. Workout like you mean it (stop wasting time with lame workouts).

Losing fat is all about adequate calorie intake and effective calorie burning. Click the link to check out the calorie restriction article to learn how to successfully implement calorie restriction for fatloss.

Calories Intake vs. Calorie Burned During Exercise & After Exercise

According to fat loss expert Tom Venuto author of The Stubborn Body Fat Solution, the real trick to burning more calories and fat is to focus on both calories intake and calories burned during and after exercise.

In other words eating adequate calories of healthy foods plus burning plenty of calories during your workout AND post workout is really what gets the fat off fast.

When you focus on all three of these simultaneously you will see visible results quickly and experience fewer plateaus or trouble with slow fatloss.

The problem that many people struggling with stubborn fat run into is that they want to only focus on one factor because fixing everything can feel overwhelming.

If this is the case for you Venuto suggests you focus on diet first then as you begin to feel healthier and more energized you can increase the intensity of your workouts so that you begin to burn more calories both during and after exercise.

Check out more of Tom Venutos fatloss advice here: Lose Belly Fat Fast.