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TRX Rollout - Ab Wheel Rollouts - Stability Ball Rollouts

by Monica

The ab wheel rollout is a great move that primarily targets your transversus abdominis or TVA for short. The problem with the ab wheel rollout is that it's a very advanced move.

You have to start in a prone (face down or plank position) then as you roll the wheel out further you completely lose the support of the arms and you must have enough TVA strength and stability to roll the wheel back in without using your arms or shoulders or back muscle.

Most people don't have enough TVA strength or stability to do this which is the reason most people experience pain in the low back and shoulders when using ab wheels.

Because of these limitations many trainers opt for stability ball rollouts but if you've ever tried a stability ball rollout then you know what a pain it is to get the arms in the perfect position and how half the time the ball gets in the way.

Unless you're advanced and have killer TVA activation (remember most people are seriously weak in this area) then this exercise is incredibly frustrating.

I've tried ab wheel rollouts. I've also tried stability ball rollouts, gliding disc rollouts, medicine ball rollouts, and even sandbag rollouts. None of these tools worked very well but the TRX suspension trainer rollouts are really great.

The suspension trainer rollout can be done from many different angles so everybody from beginners to advanced athletes can improve TVA function without feeling pain in the low back or shoulders. You can even do it standing up if you're a total beginner. My primal workout video below includes the standing trx rollout to tricep press. Click the link for full workout instructions.

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TRX Rollout - Ab Wheel Rollouts - Stability Ball Rollouts

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Homemade Ab Wheel
by: Monica

Ross Enamait of Ross Training shows you how easy it is to make your own Homemade Ab Wheel.

If you are an advanced exerciser or athlete then go to town with ab wheel rollouts like Ross is doing below. If you're a total beginner, intermediate, have injuries, or low back issues then work on improving core strength and stability before attempting ab wheel rollouts.

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