1. ok look i’m 15 years old weigh in at 145 lbs and i’m 5’8, i’ve been workking out since i was 13 not too long. when i stetrad i was 95 lbs and in two and a half years i gained 50 lbs of takes commitment, you have to go the gym 5 days a week for at least 12 weeks to see a difference in muscle and weight. MEAT LIKE FISH CHICKEN AND STEAK HAVE PROTEIN AND WILL HELP YOUR MUSCLE GROWTH GREATLY. whey protein is very good for you as well. eat lots of food (not junk) and do cardio like is a good schedule:monday-workouttuesday-runwed-workoutthurs-runfriday-workoutHIT all your muslces different ones each day and dont be afraid to rest your body grows the most when your sleeping

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