1. I have purchased body foirtress whey and I noticed every time I take my portion, my eyes turn red and puffy. Is that posible ? Or it may be that I am mixing it with strawberries, banana, pineapple, carrot, cucumber and type a fruit I have in my frigde?

    • Paulina don’t add cucumber to your protein shake just keep it simple. 1 scoop of protein 2 tea spoons of peanubutter a banana a carrot and strawberries .. blend all that together and see the difference

  2. Good protein but must be full of fiber. When I take it, ten minutes later i’m on the throne.
    But all in all no complaints considering i’m king of the castle and I’m on the throne.

  3. This stuff is great I got it on a discount for 20 dollars and it makes my eyes red when I drink it but has built me over time.

  4. It works for us ,only downer is we took the label off of the plastic container and saw that it was only a third filled. I realize that its sold by weight and not volume but really a third of the container. I understand I should allow for settling in shipping but two thirds. Seems a bit wasteful . Give us more powder or less container.
    Thank you
    Fred and Deloris

  5. This protein is good already on my third tub and I get the chocolate which is the best flavor peanut butter and chocolate tasted horrible for me more like coffee and I see all these comments that they take it with milk let me just clear this for you peeps water with protein will make you lose weight I use 2% milk which is the best milk there is I also like that I can work out and drink the protein shake after my work out and wake up the next day not feeling soar at all like if I didn’t work out at all it’s a great muscle recovery and says on the tub


  7. since it has creatine will it effect the individuals testosterone in the long run, like most creatines do??/

    translation, will it effect my junk in the long run??

  8. Decent taste. Sure the more expensive powders do taste a bit better……….but I don’t have any complaints. The taste is definitely decent. Especially with milk, a little honey, a banana, and a scoop of peanut butter the shake really tastes good then.

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