Your Workout Sucks Advice Is for Dummies

Would you like to be told how and why your workout sucks? Google it and you'll find a handful of articles by smartass trainers who just love themselves to death but here's the real deal...Your fat loss workouts don't suck it's your mindset that's not right because once you get that right everything else just falls into place.

I know this from years of training and now I'm reading it in a book by an old friend I ran into this weekend Nordine Zourareg, a former Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World and Mr. Universe. Also the fitness director at Miraval Spa for many years (yeah the Spa were all the big name celebs like Oprah go to lose weight).

His awesome book Mind Over Body is all about getting the right fat loss mindset and how if you don't get your mindset right and identify your core desire then you don't get the body you want ever! Nothing else matters except identifying your core desire and then devising a plan of action to fulfill that desire.

I used to teach this to my clients all the time which is probably why Nordine offered me a job at Miraval twice. I wish I could have taken him up on his offer but it was not a good fit for me at the time because of single parent responsibilities. Anyway here's the most important fat loss and workout tip you will ever learn from Nordine or any trainer worth your time. It's not about the workout!

As Nordine explains in his book "people spend most of their time thinking about what they don't want and then wondering why it keeps showing up over and over again in their lives." i.e. I hate my belly fat, I always gain 10-20 back, my metabolism is slow, I'm a pear shape, I'm an apple shape, I don't have enough motivation, I'm stressed, busy, tired, etc. etc. etc.

Want to overcome all your fat loss obstacles? Identify your core desire or what I like to call your underlying motivations. It isn't the shallow stuff like wanting to look great naked or fitting into your skinny jeans or getting healthy or feeling better or looking better than your ex-husbands new girlfriend or looking like a fitness competitor or all that other b.s. people say.

It's about what you want to accomplish with your new body. Identify that core desire and you will overcome every fitness and fatloss obstacle out there. Nordine says you'll know when you've identified if your heart rate goes up and you feel excited and motivated to take action. List it below if it helps.

Need a killer 5 minute leg circuit? Check out Nordine's quick lower body and shoulder workout. It's simple but effective and the last exercise is vicious after all the db work.

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