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Body Sculpting Workouts for Fat Loss & A Lean Toned Body

Body sculpting workouts for fat loss are a great way to burn more fat and sculpt a lean toned body without having to do more cardio and without having to do hours of workout routines for toning.

All you need to boost fatloss and get a tight toned body is the 6 exercises below and 30-45 minutes 3 times a week. This workout may look deceivingly easy but is actually very challenging and effective because it combines about 15 exercises into 6 time efficient movement patterns that force your body to burn tons of fat.

All 6 exercises in the workout focus on both fatloss and sculpting flat abs, a firm round butt, lean toned legs and arms plus they boost total body strength and endurance. The best part about this workout is you only need dumbbells and bands.

Body Sculpting Workouts for Fat Loss Instructions

Workout Option 1: Perform 8-12 reps of each exercise below going from one to the next without rest. After one circuit rest for 60 seconds then repeat as many times as you can in 45 min.

Workout Option 2: Perform 8-12 reps of the first 3 exercises below going from one to the next without rest. After one circuit rest for 30 seconds then repeat 2-3 more times. Continue with 12 reps of the last 3 exercises going from one to the next without rest. After one circuit rest for 30 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times.

SDL w/curl to reverse lunge w/overhead press

Capoeira lunge w/row

Mini band lateral step or hop

Downdog knee-in to kickback

Tripod twist to inverted press

Plie squat jump w/thera band fly

Body Sculpting Workouts for Fat Loss Inspiration

My inspiration for this workout came from many many sources including Brazil Butt Lift Sculpt, 12 Day Shapeover by Michael Thurmond, dozens of Pilates books and DVDs, Ellen Barrett who designs some of the most female friendly workouts on the planet and Crazy Girls Paris of course because they have the type of bodies most women want.

I design workouts for fat loss mainly for women who want to burn fat, lose weight, and sculpt a tight toned body with sexy female curves. What exactly does that mean? Well I'm sure you've seen ripped chics all over youtube (and like the one pictured above) and if you want that then that is fine but this is not that kind of workout.

This workout is designed to help you burn the fat and tone up without turning you into a bulky athletic bodybuilder type. If you are tired of workouts designed to get you "ripped abs", super muscular abs shoulders and legs and super narrow hips then you are going to love this workouts because it does none of those things.

What this workout will do is help you get a tight toned body with a smaller waist and round booty that looks great in or out of clothes (just like the girl on the ball or the girls in the video below).

If some female nudity offends you then please don't watch this video. They are probably showing a lot less than all those muscular chics on youtube ; )