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workouts guide update, Issue #004 -- Quick Fatloss Program
October 30, 2007

Quick Fatloss Program

The holidays are here and I don't know about you but I'm already having trouble sticking to my workouts and zipping my skinny jeans (too much Halloween candy is never a good thing!). This past weekend I realized that if I didn't simplify my workouts I might not workout out at all and that might result in having to buy bigger jeans. Not happening! So I put together the quick fatloss program, a 4-8 week workout program designed to strip 10-20 pounds of fat off your body with intense and quick workouts. Some days you'll workout for 10 minutes and others for 30 minutes. It's a simple workout plan that takes very little time but delivers big time results.

The quick fatloss program is a great plan for people who want to avoid holiday weight gain, for people who need to lose fat to fit back into their skinny jeans or that special evening dress, and for those who have trouble working out consistently from October 31st through January 1st (that would be lots of people).

The plan includes the quick fatloss 30 minute workout, a full body workout that targets the largest muscles of the body and can be done twice a week (this keeps it simple and confusion free). It also includes the 10 minute cardio and arms workout, the 10 minute cardio and abs workout (you'll see that on the site by the end of this week), plus two 20 minute fat burning cardio workouts that boost endurance and increase fat loss. Two of the workouts are new and the others are not but they all combine to burn as much fat as possible from your body in an 8 week period. Click the link below to get started and be sure to read the 5 fitness tips for better faster results.

The Quick Fatloss Program

Burn Belly Fat Guide

Also new on the site is the burn belly fat guide. Three killer ab fat loss tips from 3 knowledgeable fat loss experts who have helped thousands of people get fit. Find out why doing steady state cardio teaches your body to store more fat, why doing crunches is the worst belly fat ab fat which is the key to great abs!

13 Tips To Actually Enjoy Exercising

These great fitness tips by the guys at lifehack boost workout results!
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