Where to Get The Best Workout Music for Your Fat Burning Workouts

Using the best workout music during your fat burning workouts can help you burn more calories, blast more fat, and get toned faster.

Below you'll find all the best places to download music for your workouts. There are sites where you can build your own customized workouts with music and coaching of your choice and others that have done for you mixes ready to go.

Check out all your options (many of them free) then grab your mix and turn it up to start blasting the fat.

Best Workout Music Downloads

Podrunner Download free workout music with fixed beats per minute from DJ Steve. You can also download 9-10 weeks of mp3 tracks designed by a running coach to help you run a 5K 8K and 10K.

My Workout Album You choose the songs, the type of workout or sport and they adjust the speed and mix it for you so you get a customized workout with the music you love.

iTunes offers tons of free health and fitness podcasts that you can subscribe to and download to your player. You can also stream high energy music from their free radio channels.

Blast fat anywhere anytime with workouts you can download to your Apple iPod nano 8 GB Blue . This is a great tool for busy people who need extra motivation to get up and get moving.

Here's Some of My Favorite Fat Loss Workout Music

I love working out to dance music. Here are a few of my favorite songs. Some of these are from my workout videos. I usually just listen to itunes radio (my favorite station is Energy98).

If I really love a song I save it on my youtube channel and if I still can't get enough of it I just buy it on itunes. I've never bought music on amazon even though I do buy lost of workout dvd's there.

Best Guided Workout & Music Downloads

MP3 Weight Loss Workout Program by Yuri Elkaim of FitterU. Great music plus interval cardio coaching, circuit training plus healthy eating audio plus success journal packed with info to help you get results.

Personal Training TRAXX by Becky Wenner includes music and audio coaching for cardio interval running, lean body routines, tabata, and total body sculpt. This is probably one of the most affordable audio programs available online.

Workout Muse high energy music that includes timed intervals for cardio, strength, flexibility, and more. Plenty of motivation but no coaching or exercise guidance.