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Workout Motivation Giveaway

by Monica

How do you get motivated to workout when you just don't feel like it? Let me know and enter to win...

My vacation is right around the corner so I'm already in vacation mode and it's been hard for me to focus on any type of work (writing, clients, workouts, and especially housework).

Exercise is something that comes naturally to me. It has since I was a kid but lately I just don't want to exercise but I do it anyway. But isn't my usual music trick or my 5 minute trick that's been working. Instead I've had to resort to watching videos like the one below. Watching this makes me want to get up and move!

What gets you going when you just don't feel like working out? Let me know and enter to win a set of Valslides or a $20 amazon or itunes gift card. Contest runs through July 5, 2010.

The girl in this video is so crazy she makes my Tacfit workout look like a warm-up!

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Workout Motivation Giveaway

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My Motivation
by: Salma

For some reason music will always get me going. When I get up in the morning and I feel lazy, I'll just put on my workout music in the house and it energizes me. The other thing that might sound silly is watching other people workout...basically, I'll go to youtube and look up your videos for example and watch the workout in the morning and it usually gets me hyped up to go and try it.

Lately, I've been seeing so many changes in my body that when I get up in the morning, I get excited and it makes me want to workout again. I think that's a main thing, seeing results is a great motivation to keep you going and eating healthy also.

I used to get burnt out so easily because I did the same thing over and over when I trained for triathlons and marathons and I always got injured. The interval training workouts are short and simple and are always different so I don't get bored. It's fun trying new exercises and seeing how the body will respond and how much strength is gained every time.

Lately, I've been competing against myself. For example, I'll right down the reps I do for each exercise in a workout so the next time I do the workout I can see how much I improved (this goes for interval workouts). For example, I used to only get 10 push-ups in a 30 sec interval and now I can get 17. It keeps things interesting for me.

Thanks again for all your great workouts! You're definitely a big motivation for me :)

great workout motivation tips
by: Monica

Hey Salma

Thanks for the great tips. Journaling is a great motivator for me too. Have been keeping one pretty consistently for 3 months now.

I started a new phase of my workout plan since posting this and my motivation came back with a vengance. I guess my body was ready to move on.

Visual Motivators
by: Jeri

Hi Monica,
What really motivates me to workout at 5:00 am most mornings is thinking way back to how I felt 35 pounds ago. I have pictures of myself overweight & it wasn't so much how I looked but I how I felt - very tired & lethargic as well as ashamed of having to hide behind all black clothes, elastic band shorts, & size 12 pants. I remember promising myself once I get back to being in shape again, I would never take my fitness for granted.

I also have a calendar both at work & at home - when I finish a workout I place a colorful sticker on the square (yellow happy face for weights, red kiss for cardio, blue kitty cat for yoga, etc.). I hate to see empty squares so it's a good visual motivator for me.

I'm on week #2 of your primal workouts & loving it. Also, the wall psoas stretch is getting better (I used to dread it).

Have a great vacation!

Love your sticker idea
by: Jeri

I love your sticker idea! Especially cuz I'm a kid at heart plus I think it would be a great way to motivate some clients to be more consistent. If they accumulate 12 stickers per month 2 months in a row month they could earn bonus sessions.

So glad you're starting to get some release in those hip flexors. Once you can do that stretch without feeling any tension that means you are ready to run again. Great job staying consistent with it : ) I know how much it hurts at first.

Workout Motivation Tips
by: Deb

My best workout motivator is my dog! She insists on walks several times a day. Also, I like the changes I am seeing and feeling with regular workouts. I laid off for a month and boy was I sorry. It doesn' take much for the aches to return. Now there is a certain self loathing that goes with slacking, so I have to keep up the workouts...who wants to feel bad about themselves when an hour workout makes me feel so much better! I love the sticker idea! I hope Jeri doesn't mind if I borrow it!
We have built some huge planter boxes so another motivator is to get them filled with gravel and dirt. My favorite outdoor workout for now involves a shovel, wheelbarrow and my steep driveway! It is a whole body workout!
Enjoy your time in the Pacific NW. I love visiting my son over there. We are in the Inland NW at the base of the Cabinet Wilderness area. Great hiking!

by: vicki


Motivating Imagery
by: Andrew

To get motivated, I have stuck pictures all over my bedroom wall of my goal! Every time I'm in my room, I'm reminded of what all my hard work is going towards and keeps me going!

I also regularly watch sporting movies such as 'Remember the Titans', 'We are Marshall', 'Coach Carter', 'Rocky 1-5', and 'Gridiron Gang'. These movies constantly remind me that nothing is impossible!

Great fitness motivation
by: Monica

Love all those ideas! I too get motivated when I see overweight people riding around in those motorized scooters or parents at the park who are too unfit to run around with their kids.

I also get inspired by cool movies or pics of people doing the "impossible". Love how everybody is inspired by different things too so thanks for sharing.

What gets me going
by: Anonymous

What usually gets me going when I just don't want to work out is a long look in the mirror. As I see lbs I just don't want staring back at me, it motivate me to get moving, even if I'm in a sedentary mood!

Workout Motivation Giveaway
by: Judy

Oh my gosh, music is definitely my motivator. I have loved music my whole life! When I hear music that I love and is upbeat, I take my workout to another level. I love the old music (like the 70's and 80's) and I also like the current music, pop and rock. I teach classes and music is very important to motivate everyone. I have a huge library of fitness music and everyone loves it. Another motivator is, I just think about how I will feel afterwards. I always feel energized and rareing to go after a good cardio and weight workout, and I want the participants to get the best out of their time as well. Not to mention, how beneficial working out is to all of us. I just have to think of all the benefits, and I make it a good workout!

WHat gets me going
by: Jennifer

My biggest hang up is becoming lazy in eating right and exercise. I got up to a size 18 by being lazy. Of course chosing bad foods didn't help either. In the last three years I have been able to get to a size 10, still working towards an 8. I know I'll get there. I do find reading about health and subscribing to this work out guide has kept me encouraged. When ever I feel lazy all I need to do is read about someone else's success or read about how a person can chose a healther life style, and BAM, I'm back on track. Keeping things new and fresh when it comes to both healthy eating and exercise is a biggy. I'm also a big advocate for keeping up with the newest 'toys' aka excercise equipment. A personal trainier or a friend that will help you stay accountable is a must have. Without them,I would not be where I am today.

giveaway winner
by: Monica

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for posting and congratulations. You won the giveaway. Please reply to my newsletter (going out today) and let me know what prize you would like and where to send it.

And thanks to everybody who participated.

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