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Wild & Crazy Bodyweight Exercises for Fatloss

by Monica

Some online friends sent me a couple of wild & crazy bodyweight exercises that are great for fatloss and sculpting a tight toned body.

You would think these are completely impossible to do but later this week I'm going to show you exactly how ANYBODY can get started with these fat blasting/toning bodyweight exercises.

You may have seen the human flag before but did you know there are dozens of variations that are excellent for burning fat and sculpting a lean sexy body?

This exercise looks wild and crazy but like all exercises it can be scaled way down to a beginner level. I'll show you a version of this later this week burns tons of fat and calories and tones every muscle in your body.

The next wild bodyweight exercise is the tornado pushup. My buddy Nick makes it look so easy but as you can imagine even trainers can't do this crazy exercise without straining their back or shoulders but I will show you exactly how you can do a beginner version of this that burns even more fat than what Nick is doing in his crazy exercise video.

My new wild and crazy workout plan coming later this week. It involves all bodyweight exercises that burn fat, strengthen, tone, and boost endurance too. It requires that you Go Commando (not that kind of commando)! Click the Go Commando link to get a sneak peak.

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