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Why Limit Yourself To Same Old Boring Workouts and Exercises

by Monica

A visitor recently asked me "can you please put together a 45 minute workout without the TRX using weights, bands or medicine balls or a combo of all. I would love to try it for my boot camp"

My first thought is why would a bootcamp trainer be focused on the word without and why would they want to limit their clients experience to the same old boring stuff that most of those people can probably do on their own.

Here's what visitors who answered the most recent survey here at FWG said they wanted:

"I would like to see lots of different exercises which combine upper/lower body movements, designed to maximize calorie burn, elevate heart rate, and strengthen muscle. These should be innovative, and involve a minimum of equipment." Lou, Collegeville PA

TRX, kettlebells, dumbells, skipping, boxing, bodyweight etc. Exercises than can be performed without huge outlay for equipment" Jan, Mentone Australia

"Dumbell, TRX, unique and original things like in your video. All over body workouts that are fun and add lot's of variety." Sue, Ham Lake MN

"More TRX workouts. Fun outdoor cardio workouts." Maralyn, Mesa AZ

"Lots of variety of body weight exercises, new stuff not the same old thing." Arden, Surprise AZ

"Anything & everything! Bodyweight workouts, interval workouts, & workouts using various fitness equpiment - kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, sandbells, etc. Workouts targeting specific problem areas." Jeri, Kanehoe HI

Notice how bodyweight and full body, unique, innovative, everything, variety, not same old stuff, original, and fun are what people these days really want.

Most people who visit here aren't just looking for any old workout, they want to feel excited about their workouts which is the same reason people join bootcamps.

The reality is people are tired of the same old boring db stuff, the same old resistance band stuff and the same old med ball stuff. People are looking for so much more out of their fitness programs these days. They want fun and exciting which is what got me started with Tacfit, suspension trainer workouts, sandbells and soon clubbells!

Also based on the work I've been doing with my own clients in the last year, the suspension trainer blows bands and weights out of the water. I had clients who were just not responding to traditional workouts but working with a suspension trainer has changed that.

Not only does a suspension trainer rehab shoulders, hips, weak cores, and backs, it also burns a boatload more fat and calories in less time than band work and it builds more functional strength than db and medicine balls alone. It also changes people's attitudes about what they can accomplish with their bodies.

Combine a suspension trainer with traditional equipment and you've got an even more dynamic and effective fatloss workout like the one I'm posting next week.

My question is why limit yourself or your clients when there is so much more out there. As TRX is saying these days Get With The Movement!"

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Why Limit Yourself To Same Old Boring Workouts and Exercises

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by: Deb

I am not able to fork over the cash for a TRX at this time...so...I had to get creative and make my own. For $20.58 I was able to make a great reasonable faxsimille...I will be ordering a couple of DVD's from Fitness Anywhere for more workouts. I love working out with this so yes, please more TRX workouts. Keep up the wonderful site. Thanks.

I'm all about the DIY!!
by: Monica

Hey Deb

You are an awesome lady!!! You are right it is our business as trainers to offer our clients the best experience so totally appreciate your comments but I edited to keep things positive around here.

I know not everybody can afford a TRX which is why I filmed that $6 rope climbing exercises video. I remember you really liked that one too.

Apparently TRX has sparked such a demand in suspension trainers that more companies are offering super affordable suspension trainers now.

I'm actually researching them now so I'll be posting a suspension trainer guide soon plus I'm looking into rings now (only $60) for my own workouts so you might be seeing those too!!

In the mean time for all the DIYers out there here is a great video on how to make your own suspension trainer. Just make sure it's safe!

by: Deb

Hey Monica,

Thanks for the editing...I too prefer the positive approach. This is the video we used to make our suspension system. It is very well done, isn't it? Again, thanks for the great job you do...also, thanks for the video of the 60+ woman doing her workout. I am planning to send it to my mom. No Excuses!!!

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