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When To Incorporate Recovery Workouts

by Jeri

Hi Monica,

I'm into my 3rd week of the primal workouts & I'm thinking after week #4, it might be good to take a break/change things up & incorporate some recovery workouts that I've seen you mention. What exactly are they?

In the future I'm going to follow your lead & change up my routine every 4-6 weeks (I also liked switching the workout every 2 days to keep it fresh). These workouts really helped me to get out of my rut & inspired me to get my thinking out of the box regarding how I structure my strength-training routines.

Thank you

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When To Incorporate Recovery Workouts

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Recovery Workouts Tips
by: Monica

Hey Jeri

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying workouts again and that the primal workouts have helped you with the knee pain. Since you've been on the plan for a while now you already know what recovery workouts are.

You do mini ones after your intense workouts. Quick Yoga for Hip Flexibility happens to be one of those too.

Recovery workouts are restorative workouts that help your body recover from any imbalances, tightness, or stress caused by training. They can be short and added at the end of your more intense strength days. They can be a bit longer and done on off days or on cardio days. You can also take an entire week to focus on recovery if you're transitioning into a new phase or your plan of into a completely new plan.

It doesn't have to be yoga, it can be any type of exercises that balance your body so you can continue to train hard without injuries. Some people need more others hardly any (a lucky few). People with sedentary jobs and high stress typically need some type of recovery work daily.

My favorite type of restorative work is a 20 minute walk (moderate intensity no intervals) followed by 10 min. of upper back and hip mobility and 30 min. of yoga. I do that every day for a week every 6-8 weeks and then get back to my normal workout schedule and it makes a huge difference.

You can use any of the mobility exercises, postural correction exercises, core exercises, yoga and flexibility exercises and combine that with easy cardio for a week of recovery. Just do what feels good (this is the best time for a massage too : )

I'm finally "getting" it now
by: Jeri

Hi Monica,
I'm finally listening to my body because it starting telling me I needed a break now from those primal workouts. I've been having trouble sleeping & started to dread the workouts. So I did what my body told me & focused on 50 minutes of yoga for the past 3 days & it's exactly what I needed. Also I just ordered my 1st kettlebell from Amazon & I'm excited & looking forward to a new workout routine.

Prior to my knee injury, my workouts used to be so structured. I was doing too much high intensity cardio workouts, skimped on strength-training workouts, & did not incorporate recovery workouts. I used to feel really guilty about skipping workouts (even when I was sick!) because I was terrified about gaining all the weight back. As a result, my body responded negatively. Even after my knee injury I started falling into the same trap (structured workout routine, focusing on cardio, etc). Fortunately I reached out to you for help before I got to the burn out stage.

As I reach the home stretch to my 2nd year of weight maintenance (October), I feel like my fitness knowledge has grown so much more (and last year I thought I knew it all).

Finally, I'm happy to say I finally see a drop in the scale of -2 lbs =)

Thank you so much

smarter workouts beat harder every single time
by: Monica


I'm so stoked for you! Those 2 lb are a result of you doing what's right for your body. I know when I don't listen to my body I feel just like you described, tired, burned out, sluggish and my bodyfat creeps up. When I workout smarter, staying at my ideal weight and bodyfat is effortless and fun, plus I feel great too. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your kb workouts. In a couple of months I'll probably be asking you for tips!!

BTW, SoCal beaches don't even compare to ANY beaches on Oahu or Maui. Still having fun though!

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