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The Weightloss Supersets Workout Boosts Metabolism & Jump Starts Weightloss.

The weightloss supersets workout includes the best exercises to boost metabolism and jump start weightloss. It's also a great way to blast a fatloss plateau.

Start with 30 seconds of jumps then right away go into 30 seconds of high pulls then rest 30 seconds. This is your first superset. Repeat two more times. Continue the same way with pushups and sandbag squats then with inverted rows and sandbag stepups, and finally with burpees and single leg plank.

Make sure you complete three supersets of each pair of exercises. For increased fat burning finish up with 10 minutes plyometric cardio intervals.

Linear Stability Jumps
1.Stand facing box with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
2.Lower body into a semi-squat position and jump up onto box. Feet should land softly on box.
3.Step back down (not jump back down) and repeat according to prescribed reps.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Do jumping jacks or jump squats if you have no bench.
Sets RepsWeight/
High Pull with Band
Starting Position: Face the cable with your hands outstretched and hanging on to the cable handle in a low position.
Keeping the arms straight stand up using your low back and raise your arms above your head.
Return to the starting position and repeat.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Use the abs to pull up and reach back behind the heels.
Sets RepsWeight/
Standard Pushup
1. Lie face down on the floor with hands palm down, fingers pointing straight ahead, and aligned at the nipple line.
2. Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width, and feet should be at hip width with toes on floor.
3. Start position: Extend the elbows and raise the body off the floor.
4. Lower your entire body (legs, hips, trunk, and head) 4-8 inches from the floor.
5. Return to the start position by extending at the elbows and pushing the body up.
6. Remember to keep the head and trunk stabilized in a neutral position by isometrically contracting the abdominal and back muscles. Never fully lock out the elbows at the start position and avoid hyperextension of the low back.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Drop to knees if necessary.
Sets RepsWeight/
Sandbag Overhead Squat
1. Start by holding a sandbag over your head with both arms extended.
2. Proceed to squat down until your upper thigh is below parallel.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the suggested repetitions.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Use dumbbells or medicine ball if you don't have a sandbag.
Sets RepsWeight/
Nuetral Grip Inverted Row
1. Start by lying parallel under a bar and reach up to grab a V-handle that is over the bar.
2. Proceed to pull yourself up to the bar until your chest touches the bar.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Use door gym or lebert bar for this exercise.
Sets RepsWeight/
Sandbag Side to Side Step Ups
1. Start by holding a sandbag in front of your chest and standing on a box.
2. Proceed to step down to one side into a lunge.
3. Stand back up to the starting position and repeat with the other side.
4. Repeat this movement for the desired repetitions.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Use step or do side to side squats if you don't have step.
Sets RepsWeight/
1. From a standing position, jump as high as possible and land down on your feet with your hands on the ground.
2. Kick your feet back. For a moment you will be in a push up position and jump back up again as fast as possible.
3. Repeat for the required repetitions

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Keep abs contracted as you kick feet back to protect the back.
Sets RepsWeight/
Single Leg Plank Pose
1. Start by forming a straight plank with your forearms and feet as the contact points on the ground.
2. Once the plank is formed raise one foot off the ground and hold this position for the desired time.
3. Once the time has been met return your foot to the ground and repeat with the other leg.

Weightloss Supersets Workout Tip:
Keep abs contracted to protect the back and keep the hips at shoulder level (no butts in the air).
Sets RepsWeight/
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