The 7-Day Weight Loss Detox vs. A Structured Fatloss Plan

Is a weight loss detox going to help you lose weight and burn fat? Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training gives you the 411 about detoxing for fatloss plus his 7 day fat loss plan to get you jump started blow torching fat off your body.

"Recently, one of my clients told me about his weight loss detox plan. For 7 days of the year, he buys a detox kit and follows the instructions to cut out all alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and refined carbohydrates - all while taking some supplements to help "detoxify" the liver and kidneys and extra fiber to help cleanse the colon.

Now I don't mind this client doing this, because he is a model client and follows a very healthy lifestyle all year round. At 40, his blood measures are very healthy, he lost a few pounds of body fat last year, and despite being in a high-stress financial job, he is a picture of great health.

Weight Loss Detox Can't Undo Weeks of Damage!

And most of them aren't dangerous either, but a 7-day detox won't reverse 40 years or even 1 year of a poor lifestyle.

I'll admit, Weight Loss Detox diets might help kick-start your weight loss program, but just realize that they are not a quick fix to your health problems. The long-term fix is dumping the Western Lifestyle.

Besides, if you think you can actually remove all the toxins inyour body, you are being fooled. It can never happen. Every breath you take, every move you make, you are creating waste products in your body.

And many toxins are fat-soluble - meaning they are stored in our fat cells for months, and slowly released over time. So you'llnever truly detoxify...but enough of science class...

Just remember: 7 days of the cleanest living on a weight loss detox diet can't reverse 51 weeks of the Western Lifestyle - you have to make healthy living a full-time lifestyle. It is much better to spend all year avoiding as much crap as possible, than to try and sort it out in one week.

7-day fat loss plan that's better than any weight loss detox

Day 1: Perform Interval Cardio or a Turbulence Training Workout. If you are a beginner, and you have been doing only walking for cardio, try intervals on the elliptical machine or bike instead. This is called cross-training and helps avoid overuse injuries caused by doing the same thing over and over again when you aren't prepared for it.

If you are intermediate or advanced, try some bodyweight cardio. The Bodyweight 500 Workout is a great options instead of running or cycling intervals. Bodyweight cardio is a great way to burn more calories and fat in less time but it also boosts metabolism for 48 hours after your workout.

Day 2: Get Active Recovery & Makeover Your Kitchen. On your off days, your exercise requirement is just 30 minutes of fun activity. It can be traditional swimming, sports, or anything active. In addition, you need to clean out cupboards. Do NOT be afraid to throw out food.

If it's garbage food, it's better in the trash bin than in your fat cells (you would've had to do this with the weight loss detox too). After you have cleaned out your pantry, prepare a healthy shopping list. Complete a 7-day food entry and identify your trouble spots. Then organize your shopping list to provide solutions to your eating problems.

Day 3: Try Another Turbulence Training Workout. Today I want you to make a small change to your workout and reduce the rest intervals between sets. For today only, take no more than 30 seconds rest between exercises. Get your workout done in record time. Do a full warm-up before training though, of course!

Day 4: Get Active Recovery That De-stresses. Choose an activity and have at least 30 minutes of fun. Yoga is great as well, to help reduce work-related stress (it also works better than a weight loss detox for releasing toxins). In addition, let's make one more nutrition change.

Today, I want you to eat one new fruit and one new vegetable. If you aren't already eating grapefruit, try one today and see how it helps fill you up because it contains a lot of soluble fiber called pectin. Add a new vegetable, such as steamed asparagus or broccoli to your dinner.

Day 5: Do Your Last Turbulence Training Workout. I always like to add an extra superset on the last Fatloss Supersets Workout of the week. Pick your favorite upper body and lower body exercises and do them back to back for 3 supersets of 8 reps each.

Day 6: Meet Up With Your Weightloss Friends. So why not meet up with a friend that is also trying to lose fat and/or build muscle and talk about what is working for you and where you are struggling. Essentially, its your fat loss mastermind group! As part of your meeting, choose a fun activity that you both want to do for at least 30 minutes. Make this activity-based meeting a regular habit on the weekend.

Day 7: Have Fun Shopping & Planning Ahead. Plan, shop, & prepare for the week ahead. Make sure to include 1 new fruit and 1 new vegetable on your grocery list. Getting this done early allows you to spend the rest of the day outdoors, or going to church and socializing with friends after, or spending the better part of the day with your family.

Remember that Turbulence Training is all about creating the optimal fat loss lifestyle - giving you more fat loss results in less workout time while freeing up your life to spend doing the things you love with the people you love in the body that you love! Tired of shortcuts, diets, and crazy workouts that don't get results? Get started with Turbulence Training for Fatloss and start getting consistent results that last.