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Weight Maintenance Tips

by Jeri
(Kaneohe, HI)

I've been maintaining my 35 lb weight loss for about 4 months now & it's inspiring that you've maintained your weight for 7+ years.

I'm determined not to become one of those statistics - 95% of those who lose the weight gain it back (or more) in about 5 years.

I've done pretty much the same thing for losing the weight: working out & making healthy food choices - I've just found I don't have to be as strict as I used to be while losing weight.

I don't want to get to that point as I did in the past...become overconfident & start gaining the weight back ever slowly.

That said...what are your best weight maintenance tips? I find so much information on weight loss but hardly anything on weight loss maintenance.

Mahalo (Thank you)

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Weight Maintenance Tips

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weightloss maintenance tips
by: Monica

This is a great question and one that everybody should be concerned with if they want to avoid gaining weight back.

My top 3 that I've used with all my clients who have lost major weight and have kept it off for more than 2 years now are:

1. Set an acceptable weight range. It's unrealistic to expect your weight to stay the same all the time. You will fluctuate depending on your hormones, carb intake, and types of workouts, and also stress levels. This applies to both men and women. It's good to set a range that is acceptable to you. If you go above it then you should start tracking your diet and workouts in a journal to see what needs tweaking.

2. Find your ideal fitting clothing item. Wear it every couple of weeks. If at any point that skirt, pant, or top no longer fits the way you like then you know you need to tighten up the diet, try new more intense workouts, start addressing your stress levels.

3. Find your ideal calorie intake then learn how to stay within that range by controlling portions vs. counting calories. You learn what a cup of rice or 3 oz. of beef looks like by measuring it then you learn to eyeball it. This skill is critical because it prevents overeating.

Get used to what a meal should look like on an 8 inch plate 1/2 plate of veggies, 1/4 protein 1/4 starchy carbs or fruit. Always try to stick to that image no matter where or what you are eating.

A great tool that can help with portion control: Portion Pals Discs

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