Weight Loss Success Story

by Nanette Parker
(Houston, Tx)

Hello Monica,

I have been doing your workouts for only a month now, and I can already tell a big difference. I started my weigh loss program in July of last year.

I had some medical issues that put me in the ICU for a week. I have changed my whole life now and thanks to you and your intense and different workouts I'm reaching my goal faster now. When I started my journey I weighted 285 lbs. as of today I weight 190Lbs.

The last month I lost 10 Lbs thanks to you, I had plateaued and with your help I have busted through it. Just doing your videos that you provide and getting some of the routines from you have been a wonderful help.

Thanks for all of your hard work to bring this site to us.

Thanks again,
Nanette Parker

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Weight Loss Success Story

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Great job!
by: Monica

Congratulations and great job!

I love helping people who are serious about getting results and I love hearing weight loss success stories especially ones from women who have used all workouts, tips, and videos on this site to get real results.

I read a cool quote a while back that I re-read from time to time whenever I experience setbacks (with exercise, work, or life)...

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile"

So just keep up the good work and you'll be at your ideal weight in no time. I promise it gets easier the closer you get.

Thanks for sharing your weight loss success story with everybody.

we all need fitness programs for inspiration
by: cathy kae

Congrats on your hard work. We all need to need to be inspired to to get started on a fitness program. Thanks for your community's contribution and best of luck!

Thanks for the encouragement
by: Deb

Wow what a wonderful story! i have just found this web site in the last month and have been doing Monica's workouts (mixing them up) every other day without excuses. I have only lost two pounds at this point and have 48 to go.

The motivation for me is that most of my friends are either unable to workout because of injuries or plain ole lack of motivation. I am 56 and do not want to end up on meds or medical treatments in place of working out and eating right.

So far it is working. I have found muscles I have forgotten I had! It feels great to have found my energy again also. I was relying on 4 cups of coffee a day for that and now I may have one with breakfast and that is half decaf. We have restocked our pantry and fridge and are still working on the diet part.

Thank you Monica for this amazing website. Both my husband and I use it.

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