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Travel Workout Tips, Exercises, & Videos

Need travel workout tips to help you stay on track with your fitness goals?

Trying too hard to stick to the same workouts you do at home can totally backfire on you and make you feel like you failed at sticking to your fatloss plan which can wreak havoc on your healthy eating!

Below you'll find quick and simple travel workout solutions that work to keep you consistent and losing fat.

Quick Travel Workout Tips To Stay On Track

1. Keep It Simple: Trying to do what you do at home rarely works unless you're staying at a very nice hotel that has a great workout room (pretty rare). Think about your travel workout as a change of pace from your typical stuff and just stick to the basics but do it with intensity.

2. Get Creative: Couches, chairs, suitcases, and even the bed can all be used as equipment. Think outside the box and your options are unlimited. Watch the Jeff Kunard video for ideas or try resistance band exercises.

3. Take It Outdoors: Find the pool, some stairs, or a nearby park and head outdoors for 15-20 minutes of killer cardio. Try the pool workout featured in the fat blasting workouts article. I tried this and it's very effective.

4. Don't Mind Other People: The other guests at the hotel will think you're a weirdo whether you're using the pool, the stairs, or the lame weight room so don't be concerned that they're looking at you funny, or talking about you, or whatever. Focus on your workout and know this: they wish they were as fit as you are!

5.Plan Workout Time Into Your Day: When staying with family or on business plan to be active at a certain time of day every day that way people know it's part of your routine. Doesn't matter what you do but make it like happy hour, it's workout hour (or 1/2 hour). Try the Bodyweight Exercise Workout.

6. Ask Sombebody To Join You: Trust me when I say that somebody in your group is dying to exercise but they are just too embarrassed to go do it. Ask for company (if you want it) and somebody will jump up and scream yes I'll go.

7. Don't Sit Around At Airports: You'll sit on the plane, train, or car for hours so why sit at the airport. Walk around, stretch, take the stairs, and move as much as you can. This contributes to your daily calorie burn too.

Try The Prison Travel Workout

Mike Rowe host of the funny show Dirty Jobs filmed himself doing something called a prison workout in his hotel room.

The prison workout is what inmates do in jail and can be as easy or as hardcore as you want to make it. The workout includes burpees, pullups, pushups, and other bodyweight exercises.

Remember Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2? She did the infamous mental ward pullup workout using her bed as a rack. That was a prison workout too but you probably don't want to turn your bed upside down so a better alternative would be bootcamp workouts.

Bootcamp workouts are great since they use portable or no equipment. Try the best boot camp exercises in your hotel room.

You CAN burn fat and stay fit while traveling. It just takes a little flexibility and imagination.

Quick Fat Burning Hotel Gym Workout

Do you have access to a decent hotel gym? Watch my hotel gym workout to see what you can do in under 25 min. The hotel gym at this hotel was actually right across from my room so that was very convenient but if the only good equipment in your hotel gym is the weights then you can get your cardio with stair sprints, jump squats, or a quick circuit of jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers that you can do in your room as a warmup before you even head to the hotel gym.

Click the link for full workout instructions: Quick Fat Burning Hotel Gym Workout