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Toughest Exercises for Fatloss

by Monica

Have you ever seen Hellga of American Gladiators? She is beautiful as well as freakin scary (6'1 205 pounds). I wonder how much she spends on food? Not only is being huge expensive it's also not practical in the real world.

American Gladiators is such a fun show but take Hellga or any of those other "gladiators" and drop em off at the Rim to Rim trailhead with limited amounts of water on a 100 degree day and I guarantee they wouldn't make it past mile marker 5. Drop them off in the middle of the Copper Canyon and I guarantee none of them would make it out alive. I might not make it out alive either but would probably have a better chance.

American Gladiator is all about who can lift more weight who can kick more butt or who can eat more protein. Sure in the studio those chics can crush average people like me no problem but outdoors they probably can't outrun, outclimb or outsmart their environment without help from a film crew, tons of supplements, and a mule carrying tons of water for them.

But why am I talking about this nonsense? What got me thinking about all this is how so many women avoid some of the toughest exercises because they think they're going to end up looking like Hellga or Chyna or any of those other hardcore bodybuilder chics that have pretty faces and bulky bodies.

The fact is it's incredibly hard to look like that. It takes years of super heavy lifting (90 lb dumbbell presses and pulling cars), tons and tons of food, supplements and for many steroids.

The pull up exercises or pushups or all the powerpulls you see in some of the toning workouts here at FWG will only help you burn tons of fat and look lean and toned!

Remember that the toughest exercises are often the best for fatloss and a lean toned body because they burn so many calories and they boost your body's fat burning hormones. They're also great for total body strength, core stability, flat abs, and a killer butt which is why I try to incorporate them when I can.

Serious about reshaping your body? Get started with my My Kick Butt Fat Burning Pullup Exercises Workout (at very bottom of that page).

What do you think of women who look like Hellga? I'm dying to know so be sure to tell me below.

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Toughest Exercises for Fatloss

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Suspension Trainers
by: Andi

Everywhere I turn this is THE thing to have! I guess I will have to start scouring ebay to find a good deal.

About Helga, man I wouldn't want to look like her but if we got stuck in a dark alley I'd want her on my team.

TRX Rules!!!
by: Monica

I think Hellga is so pretty but I would not want her tearing me down a wall on that Gladiators show. She would rip me in half and have me for dinner.

Are you talking about getting a TRX? Let me know and I'll send you some affordable options via email.

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