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Total Body Workout or Split Training?

by Jessica
(Arab, AL, USA)

I am a woman, and I work out about 3 times a week for about an hour each day. Should I be focusing on one area of my body each day, or should I be working on all areas each time I work out?

I am not trying to bulk up in any way, I am only trying to get lean. Also, I have a muscular build so my legs and arms are bigger than most women due to that. I don't want them bigger, actually I would like them smaller if I could get them there.

Should I be using lighter weights or heavier weights, or would that matter? Any tips will help me.

Thank you so much!

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Total Body Workout or Split Training?

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Get Lean & Toned with Total Body Workouts
by: Monica

Hi Jessica

Great question and thanks for including some details about your current routine and your body type.

I used split training a long time ago and had similar issues. It's very popular among bodybuilders looking to get huge. The reason they focus on one body part each workout is for volume. They want to be able to train one area as hard as they can for 1 hour in order to make that muscle grow. It also allows them a 2-3 day rest period for one area to recover before they train it again often the same week.

If your goal is to look leaner then sticking to a total body workout three times a week is going to work better for you, especially if you have a more athletic build and you can put on muscle easily.

The trick to getting great results from total body workouts is to stay away from exercises that work body parts directly and focus more on total body exercises (with moderate weight) or hybrid exercises that burn tons of fat and target multiple muscle groups at a time.

Another thing you should try is switching the way you train every 3-4 weeks. One month go an hour 3 times a week the next try 30 minute workouts 6 times a week the following month try a mix of both. Your body is more likely to get lean with this type of variety.

I'm sending out a new 4 week workout plan this week to all subscribers. It includes the workouts I've been using to get lean and strong without adding bulk. Be sure to sign up for the free workouts guide newsletter if you want to receive it.

Are you at your ideal weight right now? Do you have other body parts that seem small in comparison to your legs and arms? If you do there are other tricks we can use to help you lean out. Let me know.

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