Toning Workout & Diet Tips for Fussy Eater


Well basically im a fussy eater who wants to try and get toned up again.I realise that eating the right foods plays just as big a part as actually doing the exercises which is why i am trying to findout which will workout best for me.

I am 6 ft 5" and i actually have a quite slim figure(i weigh 14 stone),the only part of my body i want to change is the stubborn fat on my stomach and basically just want to tone up my stomach, abs, arms and pecs.

I was really determined to get toned up in 2004,and i managed to do that but to be absolutely honest i was doing 200 sit ups a day, 60 reps on the weights on each arm, and 60 bench presses and 40 stomach crunches(for my lower abs) this was taking naily 2 hours a day in total and i was doing this pretty much every day without fail!

No matter how hard i tried i did find it very hard to get much muscle on my top pecs(even though i managed to get a 6 pack and get my abs toned up),and my arms only went slightly bigger too. I am determined to get toned up again so i am going to stick to my workout,but as i said i really am a fussy eater.

The only foods i like on the 'fat burning foods list on this website are: Sweet potatoes (i am from britain so are these also known as new potatoes??),whole wheat bread (don't particurlarly like it but i will eat it to achieve my results),beans, mushrooms, eggs, chicken breast, apples, bananas and strawberries.

As far as my fitness goes i would say i am a very fit person as i play football 3-4 times a week,i also have a treadmill in my garage that i run on and i have weights etc(which i have not used that much recently). i have recently bought a bench press which will hopefully help me with my top pecs? Any tips etc??


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Toning Workout & Diet Tips for Fussy Eater

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Jan 05, 2009
workout and diet 911
by: Monica

Hi Scott

Thanks for posting. Your toning workout and eating issues are easy to fix but you have to be willing to make some small changes in the way you train and the way you think about food.

So let's get started with the workout.

1. A 2 hour workout that doesn't work long term clearly needs to go out the window. You just got a bench, you have a treadmill and dumbbells so let's get you a workout that will build pecs, burn off the gut, and get you toned all over.

1. Warm-up 5 min. on your treadmill at a moderate pace (jog, walk, or both but don't go hard yet) this gets your body ready for hardcore workouts that actually work.

2. Burn fat and build lean muscle with 4 minutes of tabata protocol using a full body exercise like the ones in the video below. The big bonus here is this will boost endurance for football too (you'll be the envy of your teammates!)

3. Continue with 5 min. of circuits to tone and build up the areas you are interested in. Try 10 dumbbell bench presses 10 feet on bench hands on floor pushups, 10 legs hanging off bench leg raises. This circuit will kick your butt if you use enough weight and don't rest between exercises. Take a one minute break then repeat two more times.

4. Finish up with 10 minutes of intervals on your treadmill alternate between 60 sec. fast and hard (raise both incline and resistance to get that heart rate up) then 90 sec. recovery (super easy so you can go super hard again).

5. Stretch for 5 to prevent soreness! The entire routine should take you about 30-40 minutes. Do twice a week and be sure to complement with a third workout that targets your other body parts. Try the Interval cardio and back

Now for your diet. I'm not even going to be nice about this because I hear this excuse all the time. If you want to change your body you are going to have to eat more fat burning foods.

My son is 9 and he is a fussy eater too but we've trained him to try different foods and to be more open so now he eats all kinds of greens, fish, and things he would never even touch 2 years ago. You're an adult I know you can do better than a 9 year old!

Check Mike's list to see if you can find more foods to eat.

Mike Geary's Lean Body Foods List

Alright you got the plan now go rock your workout and let me know how it goes.

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