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Toning Problem Areas

by Crystal
(Champaign, IL, USA)

Hello, I am a somewhat-active 40 year old female. I am getting married May 16, 2009! I need to firm my thighs and upper arms for my big day. I try to excercise regularly but tend to slack after a few days. I try to eat healthy, my weakness is bread and potatoes. I have excercise dvd's, a stability ball and bands. Please help me firm my problems areas.

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Toning Problem Areas

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set short goals to stay motivated
by: Monica

Hi Crystal

Congratulations on your engagement. How exciting! I have an entire wedding workouts plan designed for brides and the great thing about it is the workouts are quick and very effective for firming up legs and upper body. My sister used this plan two weeks before her best friend's wedding to drop 8 pounds of fat that she had gained from all the crazy bridesmaids parties.

You have much longer than 2 weeks which can actually work against you because it contributes to the lack of motivation you feel.

Here's how you can overcome that. Get started with my plan as soon as the holidays are over. Book those workouts into your calendar for the 3 weeks. If you want to continue doing some of your dvd's that's fine too.

Work on increasing intensity each and every workout. More weight, more reps, more circuits. As soon as those 3 weeks are up celebrate by taking one week off to just enjoy some fun activities with your fiance. Then get back on track with a new plan that you can follow for 3-4 weeks. Then take another week off and so on.

Part of the reason people get unmotivated and quit is they get bored and they don't set short term goals. The key to getting great results is working towards finishing a program then taking time off then coming back strong to something more challenging.

I would not worry about diet at this point. Just work on staying consistent with your workouts. If you can stick with it for 3 weeks then get back to me and we'll work on getting you on a new more challenging plan and tweaking your diet a bit so you can really start seeing some big changes.

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