The Real Immortals Workout

Check out how Roger Yuan trained actors for their roles in Immortals. The real immortals workout includes insane bodyweight exercises and advanced primal movement patterns that burn tons of fat, boost strength, endurance, balance, stability, and so much more!

I don't know about you but we love superhero action movies and we've seen a few this year including Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America but it was the preview for Immortals that motivated me to do some serious research to find out who the movement coach behind all the lean ripped bodies in Immortals was. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

This type of bodyweight workout isn't the type of routine you're likely to find when searching for Immortals workouts because this type of training isn't really a workout. It's complex primal movement patterns that involve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, power, speed, and so much more.

The type of bodies you see in Immortals can't be achieved with traditional training or as quickly with non-traditional training like strongman training, crossfit, free weights exercises or any of that other stuff you're likely to run across online.

Roger Yuan is a badass martial arts guy who's been working as a stuntman and fight choreographer for years. Choreography is all about stringing together beautiful and complex movement patterns (kind of like dance). Want to get an Immortals body? Try some Tacfit. My version of the Real Immortals Workout coming soon! I'm filming it in 2 weeks.

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The Real Immortals Workout

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My Immortals Workout
by: Monica

We finally got all the damage to our downstairs walls fixed after a water leak so I'm finally filming videos again. Here is my version of Roger Yuan's Immortals Workouts.

The movement patterns are similar and the exercises are challenging but simple so they can be modified to any fitness level.

Full instructions and tips for this workout can be found on the full body exercises interval workout page.

Did you know the only thing they had on The Immortals movie set to stay fit was resistance bands and their own body weight? Check out the interview with Henry Cavill below for more Immortals Workout info.

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