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Teen Weight Loss Tips

by Kevin Shaw
(Corvallis, Oregon)

My name is Kevin and I am 12 years old and according to my BMI calculater I am overweight, being 5 foot 5 and weighing 160 pounds.

I have been critisized all my life and the only way to stop it is to lose weight and I just don't know how. I play sports and have a healthy diet and no results. Can you please tell me how I can lose weight? I would really appreciate it.


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Teen Weight Loss Tips

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fat burning foods and balanced meals for sports
by: Monica

Hi Kevin

Thanks for sharing your story. I think being a teen (you're nearly there) is tough. People will tease you about all kinds of things (being too skinny, too short, skin color, hair color, tastes in music, the list goes on).

Losing weight will help you improve your self esteem but don't assume the teasing will end. I mean I'm 39 and I still get criticized by other trainers because I can't run or jump very well or because my spelling is terrible. None of that really matters if you're happy with who you are.

Anyway here's what you need to do to lose weight. Start limiting the amount of sugar you eat and drink. Most teens eat way more sugar than necessary and it's not your fault, it's just in everything from yogurt to bread to gatorade to subway.

Go to the Free Stuff section and download all those free ebooks then read the one titled Exposed: The Biggest Lies and Myths of Weightloss.

You'll soon find out how the food industry is trying their hardest to keep you fat. If you want to avoid this your job is to start eating more natural foods (fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains). Check out the fat burning foods list for ideas and watch the video below to learn more.

The other issue you might be having is sports. If you're training hard and not providing your body with the right fuels and nutrients at the right times then your body basically fights back by storing everything you eat as fat. Try 3 small balanced meals a day and 2 snacks.

Thanks for sharing your issues and if you need more help just ask me. Also be sure to share this with your parents. They need to be involved and it will probably help them get healthy too.

Parents Take Responsibility for What Your Kids Eat!
by: Monica

Sorry people I meant to say BE SURE to share this with your parents.

You are responsible for your kids weight issues. Stop feeding them garbage and they won't have weight problems, or acne, or be depressed, or have bad self esteem.

O.K. no more lecturing about kids. Sorry I freaked out like a mom, Kevin.

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