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Tacfit Commando Workout - Not Your Grandmas Bootcamp!

by Monica

I went commando for my workout today and it was gooood! Actually it was easy but that's only because my first day of this 84 day workout plan is a mobility/detox day.

While I was downloading nearly 100 Tacfit Commando Workout files I watched a few of the videos and I can honestly say that I'm a little scared.

Watch any of the Go Commando videos below to see why. And if you're interested in going commando too then get over to the Tacfit Commando Workout site for more info. Insanity and Crossfit got nothing on Tacfit workouts!

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Tacfit Commando Workout - Not Your Grandmas Bootcamp!

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by: zoesmommy

This stuff is AWESOME! You gooooooooooooo!I'm going to do as much as I can without the TRX...LOVE THIS!

First Tacfit Workout Tomorrow
by: Monica

Hey ZM, Thanks and glad you liked the TRX workout. Those lateral hops literally kicked my butt. My glutes have been sore for 2 days now!

My first real Tacfit workout is tomorrow and includes a 6 minute mobility warm-up, 24 minutes of tabatas (the 6 exercises Shane is doing in the first video at a moderate intensity), plus a 6 minute cool down.

The cool thing is I can scale all those to my level so some that he's doing are actually too easy for me and I get to do harder variations and others are too hard so I will need to scale those down. I'll film some variations so people can see that.

Fat loss with Tacfit
by: Patrick


Love your site! Since I discovered aerobics and bodyweight exercices, I also started loving exercising. I have lost 20 lbs in a few short months. I can't believe I didn't know about this before.

I just bought Tacfit Commando and I'd like your thoughts about it for weight loss. It looks like a great all around fitness program. However it doesn't seem like you'd be burning enough calories to be effective for fast weight loss.

2 days out of 4 is no/low intensity. The other two are intense but still only 24 min (maybe around 400 cal?). I can burn so much more doing longer daily sessions of aerobics.

Thanks for your thoughts.


burn more fat all day every day
by: Monica

Hey Patrick

Great job on the weightloss and good question!

The difference is traditional training burns a lot of calories while you're doing it but that isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to weightloss. High intensity interval training, especially a workout like Tacfit burns plenty of calories but also burns more fat during the workout and for 48 hours after you train. It also trains your body to tap into fat stores for energy so even after your workout is over your body will burn more fat all day every day. This is called the after burn effect. I'll write more about that later this week.

The program is pretty flexible so you can use Tacfit and continue to do your cardio on low/moderate days too. After moderate/high intensity days I can barely move so I usually go for a 20 minute walk and then do coach Sonnon's mobility/yoga programs (that's a no intensity day). On low intensity days I'll probably walk 10 min. and then do 45 min. of flow yoga and 5 min. of mobility a couple times a day.

You're moving every day but it's the 4 day wave loading that makes this program so effective. The mod/high days are pretty hardcore. Trust me when I say you will appreciate those two easier days once you get going : )

Yesterday was my no intensity day and I could barely move my arms! Coach Sonnon makes it look so easy in the videos but it's not. Let me know how your first high day goes.

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