Tabata Workout Myth

by Monica

One of the biggest myths going around (especially on youtube) is that the tabata workout is a 4 minute magical workout that banishes tons of ugly fat in just a few weeks.

There is no doubt about it, the tabata protocol (tabatas or tabata intervals as they are often called) is a killer way to burn fat but 4 minutes a few times a week is not enough.

The best way to use tabata intervals is to incorporate them into your existing cardio and/or fatloss workouts. Take one or two of your favorite strength exercises and do them tabata style. This alone will make a huge difference in how much fat you burn during your existing workouts. Get started with my Tabata Workouts Fatloss Plan

Tired of the same old cardio machine workout? Cut it in half and do the other half tabata style or better yet get off the machine and go for a 8-10 minute walk then finish up with 8-12 minutes of intense tabata intervals.

The whole 4 minute thing is just a ploy to get you to buy whatever people are selling. If you're serious about burning fat then don't believe the hype and get busy with tabata fatloss workouts that are part of a bigger workout plan.

Brand new tabata cardio workout coming tomorrow! In the mean time check out trainer Josh and his killer tabata workout which is part of a longer boot camp workout.

Get better results from your tabata workouts with the Gymboss Interval Timer. I too used my iphone, stopwatches, and other timers but nothing beats the ease of use of the Gymboss.

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Tabata Workout Myth

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Rethink your Tabata!
by: Barey

You're not doing the Tabata right. Tabata is the Same movement for all 4 minutes. IE; pushups-- count total reps for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.. Do push ups again for 20 seconds and hit the same number of reps.

tabata workout myth again
by: Monica

Tabata is a protocol. It is a way of timing intervals and you can mix it up any way you like.

You can do as you say 20 sec. of pushups followed by 10 sec. of rest for 8 rounds (that's boring to me) or you can mix it up with other exercises. Either way it's hard!

The last program that I was on (designed by coach Sonnon in the video below) was 48 rounds of tabatas back to back. It was insane and intense and freakin hard.

Tabata can be used in many ways. Don't limit yourself or stick to one way of doing things if you want to get results from your workouts. That is what this site is all about.

Check out how coach Sonnon does Tabatas at the beach. 4-8 exercises back to back using the Tabata protocol and keep repeating for 24 minutes.

by: JaNae

Looks like a fun challenge!!! Goodbye boring monotonous cardio!

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