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Superset Workout Routines

by Monica

Three high intensity protocol tricks to burn more fat with your superset workout routines. These fun protocols and tricks will help you burn more fat, save time, and have more fun.

If you're already doing supersets or some type of metabolic circuit training to burn more fat you're going to love the protocols below. If you're on a more traditional workout plan that includes 3 days of strength training and 3 days of traditional cardio be careful not to get your heart rate too high. Work at an RPE of 8-9.

I first heard of AMRAP 3 years ago when I started this site and I tried it but wasn't impressed by this protocol at all. I tried it again recently and because I chose better exercises than the ones recommended before my AMRAP workout was way more intense this time. To get the most out of this protocol pick 3 simple but challenging exercises (12-15 reps each) and do as many rounds as possible in a set amount of time (about 15-25 min.). suspension trainer power pulls, alternating lateral lunges with sandbell chops, and plank walk-out pushups are great exercises for this one.

Sunday's weekend warrior workout was an RFT workout and it was so fun. To start set a time limit 15-20 minutes is good, then pick 3-4 basic but challenging exercises (5-8 reps each) and do a set number of rounds in that time. The number of rounds should really should depend on your fitness level and recovery should be minimal. I ended up doing 19 rounds of my warrior workout and was getting about 10-15 sec. of recovery between rounds.

The continous work circuit is a more intense form of circuit training that you can superset to boost endurance in a big way. Your rest periods are very spread out so it's very different than just cycling back and forth between exercises. This is great when trying to build muscular endurance for a sport, or favorite activity (hiking, surfing, aerial dance).

Pick 2 challenging exercises and work on each for 2-4 minute then rest 60 seconds then repeat 3-4 more times. This is very challenging both physically and mentally. The desire to stop will be very strong at times but if you focus on your breathing you can get through it. suspension trainer squat to row and suspension trainer incline pushup w/ alternating lunges are two great exercises for this protocol. Check out more suspension trainer exercises in my video.

As always use excellent technique and don't rush but be quick. Let me know if you have questions or what exercises you chose for what protocol and how it worked out for you.

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