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The Best Stability Ball Ab Exercises & Great Tips from Top Experts

Stability ball ab exercises are one of the best ways to get sexy flat abs. Working with a ball focuses on movement patterns that challenge all the different muscles that stabilize your entire body. This burns more calories but also builds a strong functional core which is the key to getting flat toned abs.

The 3 ab exercises below are the most basic but also some of the best ab exercises for lean toned abs. They are explained in detail by all the top core conditioning experts. Follow their key tips if you want to target the abs effectively.

Stability Ball Crunches

The crunch is he most basic of all stability ball ab exercises that works the infamous 6 pack muscles (the rectus abdominis) but they also strengthen the cervical flexors which are an important part of the flexor chain (a broken flexor chain = weak poochy abs).

Crunches on the ball also promote better spinal alignment by allowing a greater range of motion and better range of motion means stronger better looking abs.

This is a key ab exercise for people who sit at a desk all day with poor posture. Watch the video for great tips that will help you perform this exercise with great form.

Stability Ball Jack Knife

Stability ball ab exercises in the prone position are some of the most challenging core exercises around. They activate the deepest muscles of the abs that are responsible for stabilization (the transversus adominis or TVA for short).

One of the best moves to start with is the stability ball jack knife. There are many variations that can be done by both beginners and advanced. Watch the video for key tips and tons of variations. If you have any serious low back condition or a very weak core then this may not be the best place for you to start.

Stability Ball Torso Twist

Stability ball rotation exercises work the obliques, improve mobility of the entire core especially the low back. When done at high speeds and with weight this type of ab move can improve endurance and burn a ton of calories.

Watch the video for all the variations and tips to help you perform this dynamic exercise with perfect form.

Get flat abs with 6 hot abs exercises and the #1 tips for getting sexy flat abs.
Tired of working your abs and not getting results? There are many reasons why your ab workouts may not be working including postural imbalances, bad form, old injuries, or damage from a c-section, hysterectomy, or other ab surgery.

Firm & Flatten Your Abs will show you how to assess core function so you can rehab your abs, restore function, and start getting results.

This is the best ab workout plan for men and women who are frustrated with their existing ab workout routine.