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Spinal Rock Your Ab Workouts

by Monica

CST Coach Shane Heins is my go to guy right now for workout tips that work. His entire spinal rock series will rock your ab workouts and help you start getting some amazing results from all your favorite ab exercises.

If you practice the spinal rock the way Shane teaches it you'll improve spinal mobility, breathing, and core integration and be able to rock the best ab exercises listed in our top 100 ab exercises list.

My favorite video in his spinal rock series is #2 but if you want to get the most out of Shane's tips be sure to watch all 3 videos in his spinal rock series.

Need to practice your core stability skills? Be sure to check out my best core activation exercises.

Below are two workouts that incorporate the spinal rock. This exercise takes some practice to master so be very careful if you have neck, shoulder, and low back issues. Click links for full workouts instructions.

Core Fatloss Circuit Workout

Tacfit Workout

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