Spartan Death Race Workout Tip

Need a fitness goal worth training for? Check out the Spartan Death Race and the crazy people who use it as a way to overcome life's setbacks and obstacles.

The Spartan Race is a 48 hour event that includes a variety of races including the muddy Spartan Sprint, the Super Spartan muddy obstacle course race, the Spartan Beast obstacle race from hell and the grueling Spartan Death Race.

Maybe you're into this kind of thing or maybe you think this is insane and no way you would do it. Whatever you think about it the one thing you must have to get the results you want from your fat loss workouts is a fitness goal worth training for...

A great fitness goal goes beyond just wanting to lose fat, tone up and look good. A great fitness goal addresses your deepest core desires just like the ones the people in the video talk about i.e. getting your self esteem back after a divorce and job loss, getting your life back after a near death experience, or pushing your body to it's full potential after you lost at something you worked really hard to win.

Be sure your fat loss workouts address your underlying motivations and your core desires and if you decide to try the Spartan Death Race please come back and post your experience here!

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