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Skinny fat workout tips

by Monica

Alyssa who is 5'4 at 130 pounds and considers herself skinny fat and has not worked out in a long time recently posted a question asking for workout tips and fitness advice.

I accidentally deleted her post and didn't want her to feel that I had ignored her question so I'm going to post some advice for her below. Alyssa if you see this feel free to add any other details I left out (I posted as much as I could remember from first reading your question) You can also ask more questions. I promise I will be more careful with your post this time.

Skinny fat is a term that gets tossed around in fitness too much but it does not apply to most women. A skinny fat woman is somebody who is at or below her desired weight but who's level of bodyfat is so high that they look flabby, lumpy, out of shape, or just shapeless. 90% of women do not fit this category.

The problem that most women have is they are close to their ideal weight but simply struggling to lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds of solid fat. This can be accomplished with the right workouts and a clean diet.

Below are a few of my favorite fatloss and toning workouts that will get you results fast. You can also try my Sexy Body Bootcamp Plan. I was using these workouts about two years ago to get really lean, toned, and strong for aerial dance.

best butt exercises workout

full body exercises workout

upper body toning exercises

ab circuit workout intermediate

Do all 4 of these workouts 1-2 times a week for 4-6 weeks then move on to more challenging workouts. I also recommend you eat the top 55 lean body foods 80% of the time for faster results.

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