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shoulder mobility exercises

by Monica

Did you know that a quick shoulder mobility exercises routine can double or even triple your fat burn?

Not only do shoulder mobility exercises prevent injuries and warmup your upper body for killer fatloss workout they expand your chest and ribcage.

This is important because it means more lung capacity and efficient breathing which both contribute to increased fat burning.

shoulder mobility exercises instructions:

supine scapular retraction with bent arms - lay in on the floor with knees bent and arms in goal post position then squeeze the shoulder blades together as you lightly press the arms and elbows into the floor 10-15 times making sure to breathe in as the chest expands and breathe out as you relax (in the Egoscue Method these are called chest openers).

shoulder and spine integrator - this Paul Chek exercise is amazing for people with forward shoulder posture and low back pain. Lay on your side (use a sandbag or towel to support head if you need it) with legs bent and arms straight at shoulder level. Bend the top arm and rotate the upper body away from the lower body as you breathe in deeply. Hold for a second or two then slowly release back to starting position and repeat 10-15 times on both sides.

cat cow spine massager - start on hands and knees with hands directly under shoulders and knees directly under hips. Breathe out and draw the abs in and drop the head down as as you arch the upper back into a cat position then drop the abs and begin to open the abs, chest, and head up as you breathe in to go into the dog position. Think of your spine is a whip that is moving back and forth between both poses. This exercise should feel easy and fluid.

cat dog spinal twist - start on the hands and knees then lift one hand slide it under your other arm as you twist and lower the upper body down to the floor until your head and shoulder make contact with the floor. This exercise should feel like you're stretching your entire back and rear shoulder too. Breathe out as you twist and breathe in as you return to starting position. Alternate between both sides for 10-15 reps.

reverse arm circles - in a standing position with fingers tucked into palms, palms up and thumbs pointing back circle the arms back 10-15 times making sure to use the shoulder blades to open the chest. Breathe deeply as you do this exercise and don't forget to keep the fingers tucked in.

Another amazing shoulder mobility routine you can try is Coach Sonnon's Intuflow mobility workout. This routine is not easy at first but once you try it a few times I promise you will be hooked. I do the Intuflow shoulder rolls and swings every day and I always make my clients start their workouts with those too.

When you do this routine you will feel your body getting really hot and you will start to feel very energized and hyper. This is totally normal and the feeling is addicting!

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shoulder mobility exercises

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Love it!
by: Jeri

I'm going to start using this routine too...I can see why you're hooked on it

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