Shakin That Ass Workout

by Monica

Here's a quick workout I came up with while listening to the song I See You Baby by Groove Armada and Fatboy Slim. This fat loss circuit workout is quick, fun and targets the core, glutes, legs, chest, back, and arms. It can be used as part of a longer circuit or just as a quick fat loss toning workout. Enjoy!

Skaters 20 (also called lateral bounding or lateral leaps)

Plyometric wall or floor pushups 20 (from knees or regular, whatever works for you)

Plie squat to thera-band fly 20 (you can also use resistance band)

Alternating reverse lunge w/side kick 20 (think ballet not martial arts, as you come up from the lunge raise knee up to the side like tree pose then extend the lower leg out quickly)

Standing medicine ball twists 20 (don't forget to pivot the feet and contract those deep abs hard as you twist)

Repeat until song is over or repeat 5 times total. If you really want to get into it be sure to play the song and if you need breaks in between circuits try 15-30 seconds but no longer than that.

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by: Deb

Yeah, I would definately need a video with this one. Do you have one? Thanks.

video for shakin that ass workout
by: Anonymous

Please provide a video

shakin that ass workout video
by: Monica

Sorry it took me a few weeks but here is the shakin that ass workout video. I changed the name and added a few exercises too. If you need more butt makeover exercises and workouts that work check out all these: best butt toning exercises.

Thank you guys for requesting this. It finally motivated me to get off my butt and start filming more workouts again and to create a best female figure site just for women too.

by: elizza

I love your websites! Thanks for all the tips and solid info. I'm so thankful you've addressed the issues I've struggled with in my weight loss journey. I was bulking up in my effort to lean out. Now I know what I'm doing wrong! Thanks again.

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