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Sexy Hot Abs Workout Video & Tips

Not only is this the sexiest hot abs workout video I've ever seen it has a few hidden fat loss tip that you must follow if you want sexy abs plus a hidden agenda that you need to ignore as well.

So the video below features some of the sexiest guys with hot abs I've seen in a very long time. These guys are doing a killer abs workout and here's why this ab workout rocks not only for better abs but for fatloss and endurance too.

1. Full body ab exercises vs. ab isolation exercises. Hanging leg raises are a better option than crunches. Hanging knee raises beat reverse crunches but beginners need to work up to this.

2. Pullups and overhead presses are part of the ab workout which increases fat and calories burned as well as after burn. The only way this could have been better is if the overhead press included a squat too.

3. Ab circuit workout which burns more fat and calories and increases endurance too. When you train abs circuit style your abs actually work harder too but again be careful if you're a beginner.

4. No silly ab equipment just some bars and body weight exercises because the fact is you don't need much time or equipment to burn fat and get a better body.

5. Fatloss mentality! Notice how these guys are pushing each other during the workout. The truth is they would not have bodies like that if they didn't push themselves past their comfort zone all the time on their own. Push past your mental limits but always train safe!

Hidden Fatloss Agenda: The only problem with this video other than the guys in it were not wearing shorts, is that it's a promo for fat burner pills which don't work unless you're diet is 100% clean. Another problem with fat burners is that when taken for extended periods of time they train your body to burn less fat. Tom Venuto explains ab fatloss and how fat burners work in his articles all the time in case you want to read more about this.

Sexy Hot Abs Workout Tips: You can do the workout at the park or with a pullup bar or suspension trainer at home or at the gym too. If you don't have a bar for the overhead presses use dumbbells or sandbells or kettlebells. Try about 2-4 circuits 8-15 reps each exercise and don't rest between exercises or between circuits. The more advanced you are the more reps and sets you'll be able to do.

Most Important Ab Workout Tip Ever: Never focus on quantity and always focus on quality. More isn't better...Better is better so one set of 8 of everything with excellent technique will get you better results than 3 sets of 15 with poor technique. Also, never ever work to failure. When you work any exercise especially core exercises to failure you're training dysfunction. Ori Hoffmekler, Paul Chek and many other over 50 fitness experts with killer abs talk about this all the time!

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