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Sculpt Shoulders Without Weight

by ghadhihab

How can I work out on my shoulders at home without any dumbells or machinery??

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Sculpt Shoulders Without Weight

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dive bomber pushups and hindu pushups
by: Monica

Hey G

The best way to sculpt killer shoulders without weight is with all types of pushups. Below is a video of the two most effective types of pushup moves; the dive bomber and the hindu pushup.

Some body weight training experts recommend that you work up to 50 reps of the hindu pushup daily then once you are seriously strong you advance to the dive bomber.

They are both very challenging and will get you that lean toned boxer look!

The other thing you need to do is to make sure you are training the legs. A lot of guys avoid lower body exercises cuz they just want to work on their chest and shoulders but building lean muscle in the legs is key to getting a nice chest and shoulders.

Try my Workout Without Weights twice a week. Then practice your hindu pushups 3 days a week (work up to 50 if you can).

You can do lunge exercise without the band and skip the pullups but do try to find a place you can do pullups at least once a week (kids playground). Strengthening the back will help you with all those hardcore pushups!

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