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Scorpion Strike Workout Tips for Safe Workouts

by Monica

I'm so excited to be moving on to more challenging Tacfit Workouts after just 16 days. I still won't be doing the Scorpion Strike which is one of the most exciting exercises in this 84 day workout plan.

Watch the video below to see why I need to hold off on doing this vicious and very cool looking Tacfit exercise and remember that doing an exercise just because it looks cool can actually be counterproductive to your fitness and fatloss goals.

Be sure to develop a good foundation and always progress to more challenging exercises only when your body is strong enough to handle it.

Now if you have that foundation, then go ahead and get busy with this crazy Tacfit move or the more advanced version that CST Coach Shane is doing in the video below.

There are many ways you can incorporate this exercise into your workout and many levels of this exercise too. Below are two workouts that include very different scorpions from the one above. Click the links for full workout instructions.

Hip and Back Warmup Exercises Flow

Best Back Core Workout

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