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Rockit Drill Burns Fat Boosts Endurance & Core Strength

by Monica

Check out all the variations of the rockit drill. This exercise is awesome for hip stability, core stability and strength, as well as endurance and fatloss.

It's an exercise that most people have never even heard of that burns tons of calories, and fat. It's part of Scott Sonnon's Circular Strength Training program and is typically performed with clubbells but can be modified for other equipment i.e. sandbell, sandbag, kettlebell-medicine ball, and even a dumbbell.

When done correctly it targets your glutes, hips, and core and feels like you're doing cardio. Watch the video for tips on how to perform this exercise. For more clubbell exercises check out The Big Book of Clubbell Training

Below are two workouts that include this exercise. I'm using a sandbell because I enjoy working with sandbells but also because they improve my grip for aerial dance. Click links for full workouts instructions.

Gymboss Tabata Intervals Workout

Sandbell Fatloss Workout

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