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Renegade Rows - Best Total Upper Body Exercise

by Monica

The renegade row is an awesome total upper body exercise that works the upper and lower back, shoulders, plus the entire ab area. If you add a push-up, it also works the chest and triceps.

Renegade rows are like plank rotations, push-ups, and dumbbell rows all rolled into one and they burn tons of calories and fat.

This is a great exercise to add to any of your fatloss workouts, bootcamp workouts, or quick workouts because it's so effective for fatloss, endurance, strength, and core stability.

It's definitely for the more intermediate to advanced and for people who already have pretty good core stability and upper body strength. Beginners don't get discouraged. You can work up to this by combining planks, pushups, and single leg rows into a circuit. Once you can do four rounds with great form then you're ready for this challenging exercise.

You can perform renegade rows with dumbbells, kettlebells, and my new favorite sandbells. Watch the video below for some great tips.

This exercise is part of the new upper body bootcamp workout (video coming next week). Here's a sneak peak at the first circuit.

15 trx bodyweight rows
10 regular pushups
10 alternating sandbell renegade rows

Check back for more versions of the renegade row or add your favorite below.

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Renegade Rows - Best Total Upper Body Exercise

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Resistance Band Renegade Rows with Pushup
by: Monica

Not sure if you can handle renegade rows with pushups using a dumbbell or a kettlebell?

No problem! You can start the way I teach this to my bootcamp clients with no weight or using a resistance band like you see in the video.

The key here is to use your deep abdominal muscles to stabilize the body as you go from a 4 point stance (both feet and two hands on the ground) to a 3 point stance (two feet and one hand). Don't rush this part. If you get this down the rest is super easy.

Once you master the transition then go ahead and add in the pushups. Once you feel comfortable with that then add the resistance band rows.

Remember that any exercise no matter how complicated or challenging can be learned in stages so break it down and just be patient.

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