How to utilize quick workouts for quick fat loss guide plus 10 must follow tips for faster weightloss and fat loss results.

Quick workouts simply means that you are using shorter workouts to get fit, burn fat, and/or lose weight. Quick workouts can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. They can include exercises that focus on one or two body parts, be full body circuit workout routines, be all cardio intervals, or be a mix of strength training and yoga, cardio and strength training, or just yoga. They can be part of a more traditional weekly workout routine or they can be what you do every day to stay fit, healthy, and lean.

If you are one of the many super busy people who just don't have the time or the energy to spend 2 hours in the gym 4 days a week but you still want quick fatloss so you can look great then quick workouts are perfect for you. The great news is that all the current research shows that quick fitness can be more effective for weight loss, fat loss, and general fitness than longer more traditional workouts.

Reasons that quick workouts can be more effective:

  • They are short so it's easier to workout more often and more consistently.
  • They tend to be more intense and burn more calories and fat which leads to faster results.
  • They are often designed to fit everyone from beginners to advanced exercisers, travelers to stay at home moms, teens to older adults.
  • They are versatile so you can do them just about anywhere including your office, home, hotel room, or outdoors.
  • They include more time efficient moves that are more fun and innovative than traditional exercise.

But here's the catch; notice the statement above says quick workouts can be more effective for quick fatloss. The key to making sure they are more effective is following the top 10 quick fitness rules below. Do all that and you'll never have to spend more than 20-30 minutes working out a day.

1. Warm-up for 3-8 minutes before you start. More than that will tire you out and less than that is just asking for injuries. A warm-up may sound like a big waste of time but it does 3 important things:

  • 1. It lubricates joints and increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles. This means more endurance and less injuries.
  • 2. It prepares you mentally and for some emotionally. This means better focus and more efficiency.
  • 3. It increases heart rate and oxygen to muscles. This means more calories burned during a workout.

2. Incorporate interval cardio at the beginning or end of your quick workouts and especially when doing only cardio. In one research study participants who engaged in 90 sessions of traditional (long and boring) cardio over a 20 week period lost 1% bodyfat, while participants who engaged in 25 sessions of moderate intensity cardio then 35 sessions of high intensity cardio over a 15 week period lost 3% bodyfat. Additional studies have shown that participants who engaged in short high intensity training lost 9 times more fat than those who performed long low intensity training. The numbers speak for themselves.

3. Work at 85% max or your target heart rate during cardio intervals. Most quick workouts include lots of cardio bursts i.e. sprinting, mountain climbers,jump rope, etc. Work at 85% of your max during these bursts and you will burn more calories and boost endurance faster which means more energy for your strength segments and even more calories and fat burned overall.

4. Do all your stretches or practice quick yoga. Flexibility is often the most overlooked part of a fitness program. Some find it boring, it doesn't burn many calories, and for others it's a bit painful, but doing it does 3 things. 1. It re-aligns your body and when your body is in alignment it works more efficiently and burns more calories. 2. It relieves tightness and fatigue so you have more energy for more activity plus you are less likely to overeat and binge because you are exhausted and in pain. 3. It reduces stress especially if you are doing yoga, which in turn reduces cortisol levels that cause your body to store fat.

5. Try working out at least 5 times a week. One of the advantages of quick workouts is it doesn't take long for muscles to recover. This means you should do quick workouts daily. This boosts metabolism burns more calories and fat for better results. Another great advantage of quick workouts whether they are 15 min. or 30 minutes, is they really keep you in shape for tougher activities like hiking, basketball, or kayaking. People who perform quick daily workouts are in much better shape than weekend warriors or those who come in twice a week for an hour (athletes excluded). Keep that in mind next time you think you feel like skipping!

6. Make sure exercises in your workouts target your trouble zones big time. If you're a pear shape with major booty issues then taking more time to work upper body takes away from tightening and toning your glutes, inner thighs, and legs. The same goes for the six pack challenged. If you want great legs find workouts that target legs and include a few great upper body moves that create balance (i.e. pushups and rows). If you want great abs find workouts with exercises that work the core the entire time whether you're working back, legs, or arms. If you need a better upper body then find workouts that focus on chest back and arms while simultaneously working legs.

7. Turn up the intensity big time. Most people workout in a comfort zone that actually does include hard work but it's not hard enough. The key to getting out of that comfort zone is measuring what is hard for you then going beyond that for short spurts. Try cutting your cardio workout by 10 min. and adding five 1 minute sprint intervals at a much tougher pace. If you circuit train add 1 extra minute of cardio intervals at the end of each circuit. If you're lifting weights try adding a couple of extra reps or pounds on the second and third sets or utilize a faster or slower tempo. You should feel slightly uncomfortable,be breathing much harder, be sweating more, and basically feel like it's a bit more than you can handle.

8. Have a weekly or monthly challenge. Working out for the sake of staying fit and looking good isn't half as effective as fitness with a goal. When you infuse your fitness routine with purpose you tend to train at your full potential which leads to more visible results faster. Set a weekly goal, for example 45 minutes of challenging hiking, 10 sprints up and down a steep hill or set of stairs, a tennis match with a tougher opponent, or a workout that you never thought of trying like striptease aerobics or boxing. Challenge yourself weekly and you're more likely to train hard and stick to it.

9. Make sure your workout is challenging but fun. When you're loving your workout then you're more likely to stick to it and consistency is the key to getting results. Most workouts that are great for your body type include exercises that you hate so that's why it's important to include as many exercises that you love. Hate lunges but love curls then do both together. Hate crunches but love working upper body then try medicine ball crunches instead. Hate pushups but love being on the ball then opt for a modified pushup.

Last but most important: 10. Fine tune your diet. Do you reward your hard work in the gym with caramel machiatto's and cheeseburgers! That's o.k. but only occasionally! You have to support your quick workouts with good eating habits. That means eating healthy 90% of the time. Eating 4-5 small meals consistently day in and day out. Keeping your body hydrated. Cheating only once or twice a week. Eating most of your calories before 3 p.m. Cutting back on alcohol and sugar big time. If you're not doing all these things together then you'll be fit but you won't look fit.

Get started with these quick workouts that boost fat loss and fitness fast:

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