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Purpose Driven Workouts

by Monica

I read an amazing interview with Paul Chek recently and when asked how he would train an athlete Chek goes into detail about purpose driven workouts. It's something that comes up for a lot of visitors eventually so here's what Chek says,

"When I consult with an athlete or anyone for that matter, the most important thing I do is find out what their dream is. This is actually a 4-step process.

Step one is finding out what their one love is. In other words, what is their primary goal? Why are you lifting weights? Are you trying to go to the Olympics (run a marathon, or just get healthy)? As a coach and therapist, I need to know this. How do I know what is optimal for you if you don't even know yet where you want to end up?

Without a clearly defined dream and a clear compass bearing, you'll just keep following whatever b.s. is written in magazines and probably get injured. A clear dream is like a GPS or compass bearing, and as the saying goes, if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."

I love Paul Chek mainly because he's a great educator but also because he never holds back when pointing out the obvious. If you want results you have to know what you're trying to accomplish.

A few years ago all my workouts had about 80% to do with being a faster hiker and being able to keep up with my trail running buddies and only about 20% to do with burning fat and looking better.

Lately what drives me is getting better at aerial dance, living in a healthy stress free body, and having all the energy I need to keep up with my family. Looking good is just a happy by-product.

If you want to transform your body you must get in touch with your deeper purpose. Finding a purpose is what will help you find the workouts you need and keep you on track so you can reach your fitness and fatloss goals. Need ideas? Check out the Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway blog post and see what other visitors have posted about what drives their workouts. Very motivating stuff.

If you're not sure of your purpose but you want to get started with fatloss be sure to check out Paul's book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!. This book outlines the 4 basic steps for anybody trying to lose fat and get fit (purpose or no purpose).

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Purpose Driven Workouts

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love this video
by: Anonymous

Hi Monica. Thx for posting Paul Chek's vid on (so called) spot reduction, and for the article on being motivated. It has to be a discipline like you said or else you won't do it. :-) Take care. -JC

purpose filled life inspiration
by: Monica

Hey Joan

Thank so much for always posting such nice comments. I love Paul Chek's philosophy on everything. He is a smart man.

I think the idea of purpose driven workouts is what motivated me to create an entire site on purpose filled life inspiration. Tons of tips over there for trainers with blogs : )

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