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Pullup Primer Workout for Strength, Fatloss, & Aerial Dance

by Monica

I was really excited when I got this cool pullup primer workout from Coach Hurst. If you've never done pullups or muscle ups and always wanted to or you can do a few and want to do more you gotta check out his workout. It's free and it's a primer for the type of ring workouts Coach Hurst is doing in the video below.

I don't know about you guys but I've tried just about everything to be able to do just 1 pullup since I had a levator scapulae injury a few years back but nothing has worked for me.

I can only do negatives or partials or assisted pullups and not very well. Then afterwards my neck gets super stiff for days. This is a big problem for me in aerial dance so I'm finally going to focus on fixing it so I can actually muscle up onto the trapeze, so I can start doing pullups again for fatloss workouts, and so I can finally go back to doing regular pushups again.

Before my injury I could get at least 30 excellent pushups. These days I struggle to get even 2 decent regular pushup which is why you see me doing modified pushups in my videos all the time. I'm tired of modified!!!

According to Coach Hurst getting strong off the floor means being stronger on the floor. Plus this workout will help you get killer abs and burn more fat too. Watch his muscle up video for some helpful tips.

BTW, all you need for his pullup primer workout is an affordable Pull up bar or park chin up bar (last time I checked those were free too). You can also use a suspension trainer. Just make sure to set the handles about face level.

I'm doing the pullup primer workout every day for the next 3 weeks and hope to be able to muscle up onto the trapeze my first day back in class. If I can do it I'll be filming my victory dance on the trapeze for you if not then I'll just keep trying.

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Pullup Primer Workout for Strength, Fatloss, & Aerial Dance

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forgot to mention
by: Monica

If you have a problem with forward shoulder rotation that causes pain in the shoulders, neck, upper back, elbows, wrists (most people who work long hours at desk have this issue) then be sure to do some corrective exercise before the pullup primer workout. You will get a much better workout when your muscles are aligned and prepped for those exercises. Try my functional upper body workout below.

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