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primal fitness warmup exercises workout B

by Monica

Primal fitness warmup exercises workout B releases tension in the pelvic area and low back and improves mobility in the low back, hip flexors, shoulders, and chest. It also trains glute activation and scapular retraction for better performance with all your workouts.

You can do this primal warmup exercises workout individually or combine with primal warmup exercises workout A for an even better warmup and better fat loss workouts.

Both primal warmup workouts are part of the primal fitness workouts plan but you can do them before any workout to boost fat loss and fitness results.

primal warmup exercises workout B: perform 10-12 reps on each side of all exercises. This warmup is great for increasing hip and low back mobility. It also trains glute activation and scapular retraction.

hip extension with bridge and arm circles - lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, heels directly under the knees. Breathe in as you press through the heels and squeeze the glutes to raise your lower body off the ground as high as it will go.

Allow this movement to lift your arms overhead until they touch the floor above your head then circle the arms down by your side as you breathe out and slowly lower the body back down to the floor one vertebrae at a time. If your knees tend to splay out to the sides use a yoga block or soft ball to keep the knees in.

alternating leg drop and knee tuck lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, heels directly under the knees. Breathe in as you drop both knees to one side then breathe out as you draw the deep abs in to lift the knees back up to center then repeat on the other side and return to center then draw the deep abs in tighter to float the knees in towards the chest.

You can also pull the knees in closer with your hands to open up the glutes and low back more or pull the heels in and allow the knees to completely open if you need to improve inner thigh mobility. Combine all three for even better hip and low back mobility.

hip pelvis integrator - this is one of the hardest exercises I teach clients and even the strongest smartest fittest clients have a very hard time doing this correctly so please focus on this one to avoid training dysfunction.

Lay on your back with one leg straight and the same side arm bent at an angle the other leg bent and the same side arm overhead. Your entire glutes and entire upper body should be relaxed and supported by the floor.

Breathe out as you contract the glute of the bent leg side strongly so it begins to rotate that side of your body towards the other side. The straight leg side should be completely relaxed on the floor. There should be NO pressing through the heel or back or leg of the non working side to help rotate the body.

If you are like most people and you have completely dead glutes this exercise will not be very easy for you unless you focus on glute contraction the entire time. Perfect practice makes perfect so take it slow until you get it right.

trx scapular retraction pushup - using any suspension trainer, a wall, stairs, or smith machine place the hands at waist level and squeeze the shoulder blades together as you breathe in to release the chest forward or towards wall, stairs or bar. This is similar to an incline pushup but it's all about the back muscles and not about the chest.

Breathe out as you uncoil the shoulder blades and press back to starting position. If you're doing this correctly you should feel like you're floating forwards and backwards with ease, totally unlike a pushup ;

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