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Personal Trainer No Show - Need Workout Routine Tips

by Frank
(Salt Lake City)

Gym day 1 - talk about loss of motivation, my trainer failed to show and I was left to my own devices. My start time was 6am, I asked for a backup trainer, they simply said none were available.

Fortunately, I did some analytics on your site and was semi prepared. I did 25 min of cardio then dove into a weight routine - completed day 1. I received a call later in the day apologizing, they asked a few questions. It was clear to me then, the trainer and I have different goals. I want stress relief, they want to build muscle.

So, my question is this - I've dedicated 45 minutes of my valuable time to work out with one MAIN purpose; clear my head. It's clear to me I need a routine, something I can follow, but I need it to be simple - I don't need charts, tales, schedules or anything that will complicate my life any more than it already is. I want to show up, know where to go and get it done. What do you recommend?

Also, it would be nice to be able to figure out how the whole heart rate thing works. My target heart rate per the display said 152 for 80% - I hit 190 and decided to stop before I was carted off on a stretcher.

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Personal Trainer No Show - Need Workout Routine Tips

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Daily Workout Routine Plan for Stress Relief
by: Monica

Wow! Sorry you're experience with this trainer had to be such a bad one. Unfortunately that happens a lot! Most trainers at big commercial health clubs just don't get paid enough to care and like you mentioned many of them are there to impose their own training goals on others.

Glad the info on my site got you going. 90% of people are better off on their own anyway, especially if they already have a fitness goal i.e. stress relief.

So here's the best workout routine plan for your fitness goal if you're working out 45 minutes M-F (works for 3 days a week too).

Daily Workout Minute by Minute
Minute 0-5 Cardio Warm-up on Machine
Minute 5-8 Bodyweight Warm-up
Minute 8-35 Full Body Supersets
Minute 35-40 Intense Cardio Sprints
Minute 40-45 Moving Meditation (don't freak out I'll explain in a minute)

1. Cardio Warm-up - work at an easy pace to start then increase speed and resistance each 30 seconds until you're going at a fairly fast pace. Any machine is fine. This is your time to zone out and let your body just wake up.

2. Bodyweight Warm-up - this will lubricate all joints and boost performance (both during the workout and the rest of the day). Try leg swings, arm circles, bodyweight squats, shoulder rolls, neck circles, jumping jacks. About 15-20 reps of 8 different exercises back to back then repeat until your 3 minutes are up.

3. Total Body Supersets - next the workout that is going to get those feel good endorphins flowing so you can have a great day and not throw staplers at co-workers. It will also burn fat, build lean muscle, boost strength and endurance. Pick your 6 favorite exercises split them into two circuits and perform 12-15 reps of each exercise in each circuit back to back rest 60 seconds then repeat 3 more times. Use moderately heavy weight. Do not work to failure!

Circuit 1:
12-15 dumbbell chest presses
12-15 dumbbell squats
12-15 dumbbell rows
60 seconds rest then repeat 2 more times

Circuit 2:
12-15 step ups
12-15 dumbbell or cable flys
12-15 pulllups on assist machine
60 seconds rest then repeat 2 more times

Circuit 3: you can add 3 more exercises if you have more time but don't cut into the cardio and stretching.

4. Intense Cardio Sprints - this portion of the workout = runner's high. Alternate between 20 seconds of sprinting (any machine will do) and 10 seconds of easy recovery. Don't mess with heart rate zones and use the Borg RPE scale instead; scale of 0 - 10 with 0 = sitting on the beach drinking beers and 10 = running for your life from bobcat. Work at an 8-9 during work intervals and about 4-5 during rest intervals.

5. Moving Meditation - finish up with dynamic flexibility. This is the part of the workout that is most useful for stress reduction as well as fatloss. Try my best flexibility exercises workout or stretches of your choice.

Best Post Workout Stretch Routine for Stress Reduction
by: Monica

One of the best ways to cool down after a hard workout is with dynamic fluid stretches.

Try my hip and back mobility exercises in the video below. These exercises will lengthen tight muscles, align your body, reduce cortisol levels, as well as boost energy levels after a hard workout.

These are exercises that I typically use at the beginning of a workout when a client is really stiff but they are also very useful as a cool down.

Also this is just an example of what you can do. You can also pick and choose any stretches you like and string them together into your own fluid cool down routine.

Day 1 Do-Over Feeling Better
by: Anonymous

Started the new program today as you suggested. did the 5 min warm up, 20 min circuit training with low weights, then went hells bells on cardio again. My heart rate was more consistent, I held at 154 unlike my previous near heart attack experience. I finished with the yoga style stretches - must admit I felt strange sitting on the floor stretching in front of everyone but I changed the music on my iPod to my CHILL playlist and it worked. I'm not as wound up, and feel better. Less sore, and looking forward to tomorrow.

Thank you -

Stress Reduction Success
by: Monica

Hey so glad you're feeling better. Give it about two weeks then let me know how it's going. After 2-3 week you should be able to transition into more exciting or more intense workouts if that's what you want to do.'

Curious to know how training this way affects your eating so keep me posted on that too and thanks for posting your comments here.

3 weeks down stagnation setting in
by: Frank

Starting to feel stagnant, tomorrow compoletes three weeks of training. I'm ready to kick it into high gear. What words of wisdom can you offer..

time for a new workout plan
by: Monica

Hey Frank

If you feel like your stress levels are down some and your endurance is better and maybe you're even feeling a little stronger then it's time to kick it into high gear.

Try going back to what you were doing before. Start your workout with 15 minutes of cardio intervals alternating between easy and fast then go lift weights for 20 minutes. Hit two body parts each workout and just superset exercises. Here's a couple of combinations that work really well.

chest back
legs arms
back core
chest legs
arms core

Finish up with 4 minutes of tabata protocol intervals at the end then stretch a bit before you head to work.

Always listen to your body. It tells you what it needs and right now it's telling you it's go time. I think you knew that : ) so great job.

Low cortisol levels
by: Jhon Smith

Without diet no one can stay feet in their life. If you are doing regular workout you should compulsory take a proper diet with nutrition food. Your diet should include good amount of carbohydrate, proteins and vitamins this will help you body fit. If you are living with stress then this will also affect your body and you will face so many problems. Stress stress management techniques is the best way to control or reduce stress.

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