The Perfect Diet Myth

Are you a victim of the perfect diet myth perpetuated by all the food marketers, diet gurus, and supplement companies?

Your quest to find the best diet or the perfect diet may be what's holding you back from the healthy eating plan that will help you burn fat, get lean, and achieve ultimate health.

There are thousands of diets and healthy eating plans available for weight loss and fatloss but "one man's food is another man's poison" a point that really hit home for me when I had clients simultaneously getting lean on all kinds of diets.

My client Mark lost 70 pounds on his version of The Warrior Diet. My client Claudia lost 40 pounds on something similar to The Abs Diet. My client Marjorie lost 35 pounds on South Beach. My client Richard lost 15 pounds on Weight Watchers and my client Howard lost 20 pounds on Eat Stop Eat. I also have a list of clients who have managed to gain weight on these diets or similar eating plans.

In the video series below Brad Pilon author of Eat Stop Eat explains why there is no such thing as a "perfect diet" and how this myth is keeping so many people from getting results.

The Perfect Diet Myth: It's All About What You Eat

In this video Brad talks about how obsessed our society has become with healthy eating and how much drama we literally bring to the table when it comes to food (starts right after CB finishes talking about goals).

He explains how we are programmed to burn fat but we are constantly bombarded with how we need to eat and those requirements change from week to week, have nothing to do with health and often sabotage our efforts to get lean.

Every week there's a new food trend that's supposes to help you "melt" fat but in all honesty most of these recommendations are based on profits. The companies who have the most money to market to you at any given point are right.

This lecture will help you re-think the idea of a healthy diet and help you focus on what really matters.

The Perfect Diet Myth: There's Only 1 Diet for Fatloss

In this video Brad explains how there are healthy people and elite athletes in cultures that eat high calorie and little to no fruits and vegetables. How is this possible?

He makes a great point about how the fattest countries are the ones obsessed with "healthy eating". He also addresses the magic bullet myth and how getting results is impossible when thoughts about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat it dominate your day.

Here Brad gets into some surprising facts about metabolism, energy, protein, diet research, diet vs. exercise, breakfast as the most important meal of the day.

All the things you've been led to believe will help you burn fat may not have anything to do with getting results. One of the most revealing lectures about how the body works, what magazines write to sell more magazines, and other shocking info that will blow your mind.

Tired of obsessing about healthy eating and not getting results? Break free from the perfect diet myth with Brad's ebook Eat Stop Eat.