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Perfect Body Tips

by Monica

One of my clients recently sent me a link to the Shakira She Wolf video. According to this 50 something mom of 3 girls Shakira has the perfect body.

I would have to second that and add that if the perfect body fairy showed up and offered me the Shakira body or the fitness competitor look I would jump at the Shakira body offer in a heartbeat.

I don't understand why so many women feel the need to lose all their bodyfat and sculpt boy looking bodies at the expense of losing their curves and boobs which they then go purchase for $6000-$8000.

Makes absolutely no sense but what is more mind boggling is how much these people care about what they put in their mouths yet they'll put some foreign object in their bodies because WHO decided this looks good?

My idea of the perfect body is to make the most of what you were born with and if you're lucky enough to have curves like Shakira then work that booty.

Guys if you think this is a woman thing then think again. A few years back my client Will asked me if I could get him a wide receiver body (whatever the heck that is).

I told him I wouldn't know until most of his weight came off. I couldn't tell what his body type was while he was still very overweight. After Will lost about 20 pounds of bodyfat (not scale weight, bodyfat) we realized he had more of a Jeremy Piven body than a Terrell Owens body. This really upset Will. Are you kidding me! I'll take J.P. over Owens any day. Pivens is one hot man (plus he's smart and funny).

The reality is we can't change our body type we can only improve it. Sorry but not everybody gets to look like Terrell especially if you're only 5'5" (Terrell is 6'3") and not everybody gets to look like a supermodel or movie star. Kelly Ripa is the perfect example of this but she's super fit!

We each have the ability to sculpt a perfect body but we have to be realistic and we also need to be grateful that we have the ability to do more than just look good. Not everybody is as lucky.

What's your idea of the perfect body? Do you think you could achieve that look easily? Do you put too much pressure on yourself because of some crazy standard. I used to but I don't anymore. Read more about it in my measure body fat guide.

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Perfect Body Tips

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Perfect Body Workout
by: Monica

One of my favorite trainers in the world Lani of Origin of Energy shows you the type of workout that will help you perfect your body.

I love Lani workouts but what I love most is she exemplifies what most women want. Strength, power, intelligence, beauty, feminity, she's funny, and has an amazing body too. Isn't that what we all want!

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