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Old Fashioned Squats vs Life Cycle Leg Press

by Frank



So I've been trying the Life Cycle circuit on leg day, leg press, leg curl, ham curls and calves, I keep catching glimpses of the smith bar, it's calling to me.

My old school training says nothing beats a squat for muscle development and explosiveness. One advantage I see on the Cybex/Life Cycle leg press over the squat is the ability to go to absolute muscle failure without having to drop the bar awkwardly, nonetheless I have a voice in my head telling me I'm missing out.

So here is my question:

What is better life cycle leg press or squats? Am I wrong in thinking the squat incorporates more than just the quads? Should I just give in and squat? Can you clarify this point?


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Old Fashioned Squats vs Life Cycle Leg Press

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squats and deadlifts for explosive muscle.
by: Monica

Hey Frank

You look like you're losing some weight. Good job!! If you want to build some seriously explosive muscle (is this for your cycling?) then by all means get off the machines all together and go ahead and get started with squats and deadlifts.

Check out this great leg workout from Lee Hayward. It's exactly what you need. I used to love those pull-thrus (killer hamstring low back exercise).

I would not use this type of workout with somebody who is looking to build more of a Daniel Craig 007 look so if at any point that is your goal do not workout this way. Sounds like what you want now is explosive muscle so this will work well for you.

My only advice with this workout is skip the ab exercise. If you're still trying to lose weight this is not beneficial to you in any way and it leads to the fat gut look (not pretty). Stick to planks or hanging leg raises for now.

BTW here's an interesting little tidbit for you: Some of Lee's people often come to my site when they're looking to lose bodyfat. Nice to finally be able to refer some traffic back to him : )

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