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The 5 nontraditional killer workouts that blast fatloss plateuas, beat boredom, and are loads of fun.

Here are five more nontraditional killer workouts from Truth About Abs Creator Mike Geary.

If you're looking for fun and unique ways to lose body fat, burn calories, and get ultra toned then you can incorporate exercises from one or all of these very different training styles for amazing results.

According to Mike the more dynamic and varied your workouts are the harder your body has to work to adapt and the more fat and calories you burn. Here's 5 more of Mike's favorite nontraditional workouts.

Nontraditional Killer Workouts Old School Style

"Strongman Training - This type of training is a little more hard-core, but it's a blast for those who are into trying nontraditional killer workouts. The premise is based on the types of exercises competitors perform in the "worlds strongest man" competitions. If you have a yard, you can even set up some of these exercises in your yard and do some outdoor workouts to have a little fun.

Your neighbors will probably give you some funny looks! You can get one of those giant tractor tires and do tire flips (which is basically a deadlift followed by a push-press).

You can also try your hand at log lifts, boulder lifts and carries, keg lifts and tosses, weighted sled dragging...anything that involves pulling, pushing, lifting, or heaving any types of odd objects. You don't need to be a monster to enjoy this type of training...just handle whatever size objects are challenging for your individual strength.

Strongman training works your entire body in a very intense fashion and could easily spark some new results. If you're interested in finding out more ideas for strongman training, check out this site devoted entirely to these underground training techniques.

Sandbag Training - This form of training is a nice variation to mix in with your strength training. It works your body with an unstable object, which makes muscles that might normally be neglected get in on the action to perform the movements.

I've been mixing some sandbag training into my routines for over a year now, and I've found it is a very intense method of training that works your muscles in a different way and gets you huffing and puffing like crazy.

You can make your own sandbags to train with by filling various sized duffle bags with sand, or you can use those construction type sandbags that come in several shapes.

Sandbag exercises can be done as squats, cleans, presses, lunges, shouldering, throws or heaves, carrying up hills, etc. I've actually found an entire book devoted to sandbag training, which gave me some really good ideas for sandbag based workouts.

Vertical Nontraditional Killer Workouts

Rope Climbing - This goes back to the old high school days of climbing the rope in gym class. Seriously, if you have access to a rope, either at a gym or somewhere outdoors, rope climbing builds a powerful and ripped upper body like no other exercise.

A great way to incorporate rope climbing into intense workouts is to do a climb up, then lower yourself back down. Then while your upper body is recovering for the next climb, you can do a lower body exercise like squats or lunges or go up and down stairs.

Keep alternating the upper body rope climbs with the lower body exercises in between and you'll get one hell of a full body workout.

Jumping exercises - squat jumps, box jumps, lunge jumps, and broad jumps are some of the best ways to incorporate explosive jumping exercises into your routines. The explosive and powerful nature of jumping exercises works your leg muscles in an entirely different way than most normal slow grinding strength training moves.

I've even seen a university study cited once that found squat jumps to elicit the greatest testosterone response of all exercises studied. That means more muscle and less fat on your entire body, not just your legs. Try super-setting jumping exercises with upper body exercises for some really intense nontraditional killer workouts.

Nontraditional Killer Workouts for Warriors

Warrior Workouts - Can include stick fighting, sword fighting, clubbell training, fencing, capoeira and all the other martial arts.

There are so many fun options and the great thing is they all burn a ton of calories and fat, build lean muscle all over, and improve your focus and endurance.

A great way to get started is to find a style or system that you think you might like to try and read a quick guide or watch a video on basic moves then incorporate some of those exercises into your weekly workouts and see how your body responds.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed all of these ideas for ways to really shake up your workouts and make them fun again. I know some of them may seem a little "out there", but open your mind to the possibilities and you'll never be bored again...and your body will respond with new found results!"

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